Library Policies and Guidelines

Library Entry Guidelines

Number: 014
Date: 08/23/2021
Department: Access Services

As a vital and responsive partner for the University of North Florida, it is the Thomas G. Carpenter Library's foremost priority to support the educational goals of the University by providing information resources, services, and programs that encourage study and learning, support instruction and academic programs, facilitate research and scholarship, and engage the university-at-large and the broader communities we serve. To best fulfill this mission, access and borrowing guidelines are in place for our facilities and collections and are dependent on your affiliation with UNF.

As such, UNF faculty, students and staff are required to present a UNF ID ("Osprey1Card") upon entering the library and use it to gain access through the Library's turnstile entry system located at the front entrance. Members of the community or unaffiliated institutions must present a valid photo-bearing ID and sign in at the "no-card" entry turnstile. The Library welcomes the use of its collections by guest researchers and scholars.

This guideline is in compliance with UNF Policy #6.0020P: "When utilizing the University of North Florida Service System, individuals shall be required to present their ID Card as the approved means of showing authorization to use the service." Specific Authority: Sections 1001.74(6), (10). (11) & (19), Florida Statues. UNF affiliates who refuse to abide by this UNF Policy may be referred to the Public Services Director and/or Library Administration to consider further action or possible referral to the UNF Student Conduct Office.

Contact the Library's Access Services Department (phone: 904-620-2615; email: for questions about library privileges or to arrange visitor access.