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Library Staff


Brent Mai, Dean of the Library            (904) 620-5432
Pat Madrid, Coordinator of Budgets (904) 620-1485
Susie Parks, Administrative Assistant (904) 620-2579


Special Collections & University Archives
Susan Swiatosz, Head of Special Collections & Archives (904) 620-1533
Jennifer Bibb, Coordinator, Special Collections and University Archives (904) 620-1518
Kristin Holland, Special Collections Processing Assistant (904) 620-2283


Library Development

Teresa Nichols, Assistant Vice President for University Development and Alumni Engagement (904) 620-1833


Public Services

Thomas Caswell, Director of Public Services (904) 620-5455


Information Desk - Checkout and Course Reserves
Paul Mosley, Assistant Program Director (904) 620-1527
Victoria Rocanelli, Access Services Librarian (904) 620-4020
Bill Eckert, Library Services Coordinator (904) 620-2033
Glenda Kelsey, Library Services Coordinator (904) 620-1145
Tia Esposito, Library Services Coordinator (904) 620-5696
Julia Behler, Sr. Library Services Associate (904) 620-1405
Sarah Lynch, Sr. Library Services Associate (904) 620-2532



Instruction for Students & Faculty
Lauren Newton, Head of Instruction (904) 620-1531
Dan Feinberg, Online Learning Librarian (904) 620-5238
Carol Moon, Senior Library Services Associate   (904) 620-4232



Research Services, Outreach & Government Documents
Stephanie Race, Head of Research & Outreach (904) 620-5177
Maria Atilano, Student Outreach Librarian (904) 620-1564
Rebecca Durney, Research Services Librarian (904) 620-5393
Paige Lyman, Senior Library Services Associate  (904) 620-5215
Dee Robertson-Lee, Library Services Specialist (904) 620-1521
Margaret Terrell, Library Services Specialist (904) 620-1528



Resource Delivery & Periodicals (Interlibrary Loan, U-Borrow, & Media)
Alisa Craddock, Library Services Specialist (904) 620-1445
Kenneth Fonder, Library Services Specialist (904) 620-1407
Santina Willis, Sr. Library Services Associate (904) 620-5196
Madison Johnson, Sr. Library Services Associate    (904) 620-1460



Technical Services and Library Systems

Jennifer Murray, Director of Technical Services and Library Systems (904) 620-5160


Library Systems
Adam Chalmers, Systems and Digital Technologies Librarian (904) 620-1410



Acquisitions & Collection Development
Apryl Price, Head of Acquisitions & Collection Development (904) 620-1516
Emily Ray, Electronic Resources Librarian (904) 620-5673
Chelsea Gentry, Library Services Specialist (904) 620-1525



Discovery Enhancement
Susan Massey, Head of Discovery Enhancement    (904) 620-5029
Tammy Druash, Resource Description Librarian (904) 620-1507
Shelley Anderson, Library Services Specialist (904) 620-1404



Digital Projects & Preservation
Courtenay McLeland, Head of Digital Projects & Preservation (904) 620-5550
Marielle Veve, Metadata Librarian (904) 620-5726
Tracey Britton, Library Services Specialist (904) 620-1402
Rachel Dobbs, Senior Library Services Associate (904) 620-5729
Ryan Fairbrother, Library Services Specialist (904) 620-1401



Library Emeriti Faculty

James Alderman, M.S.L.I.S (Florida State University) M.A. English (University of North Florida) University Librarian Emeritus
Eileen D. Brady, M.S. (Florida State University) University Librarian Emerita
Kathleen F. Cohen, M.S.L.S. (Florida State University) University Librarian Emerita
Andrew Farkas, M.L.S. (University of California - Berkeley) Director Emeritus, University Library; Distinguished Professor
Shirley Hallblade, Ph.D (University of Iowa) Dean Emerita and University Librarian Emerita
John M. Hein, M.S.L.S. (Wayne State University) University Librarian Emeritus
Robert P. Jones, M.S.L.S. (Florida State University) University Librarian Emeritus



Library Email Lists

Acquisitions & Collection Development: to report electronic resources access issues with the Database A-Z list, OneSearch, or A-Z Publications, or for questions regarding orders, book donations, electronic resources or collection development
Copyright: to request general information related to copyright
Circulation: to request information related to individual library accounts, course reserves, and borrowing/returning of library materials
Digital Projects: to report issues with Digital Commons, or for any Digital Commons related requests or questions
Discovery Enhancement: to report errors or issues regarding records in the library Mango catalog, problems with catalog record displays or searching in OneSearch for MARC records imported from Aleph, or to make any special cataloging requests
Instruction: to request Library Instruction, Research Consultations, and/or classroom space
Interlibrary Loan: to request information related to interlibrary loan services
Library Systems: to report issues with Aleph, Tipasa, Library website, Springshare products, digital displays or Media:Scapes, or for any systems related requests or questions
Research Services: to request assistance with research or information about library services/resources
Special Collections and University Archives: for any Special Collections or University Archives requests or questions



Address & Fax

Building 12/Library
University of North Florida
1 UNF Drive
Jacksonville, FL 32224


Fax: (904) 620-2719

Thomas G. Carpenter Library
University of North Florida
1 UNF Drive
Jacksonville, FL 32224

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