Library Policies and Guidelines

Library Collaborative Spaces Scheduling Guidelines

Number: 015
Date: 06/09/2022
Department: Administration


Thomas G. Carpenter Library is committed to faculty, staff, and student success at the University of North Florida. Use of collaborative spaces within our physical facilities is for educational purposes only and these guidelines are offered to help us maximize their use and assist our users in satisfying their teaching and learning needs.

Scheduling Classrooms 2102A & B

Two 40-seat classrooms are available on the 2nd floor and equipped with digital projection, moveable tables, chairs, and laptops. With a moveable wall, the two classrooms can be combined into one 80-seat space. Scheduling of the classrooms by non-library UNF affiliates is available after the first week of each semester.

Scheduling availability is as follows:

  • First priority is for library instruction, including one-shot class sessions with a library instructor, semester-long courses taught by a librarian, and workshops scheduled by librarians.
  • Second priority is for the library as a whole. This includes but is not limited to library staff training, presentations, and open events sponsored by the library.
  • Depending on availability, the classrooms may be scheduled by other University of North Florida campus affiliates to facilitate computer-based instruction/training. Such sessions are scheduled on a first-come first-serve basis.
  • Following the first three priorities, the rooms may be scheduled by outside organizations.
  • The classrooms generally are not scheduled:
    • by students (neither individually nor for student groups without a faculty sponsor and/or library staff attending),
    • for testing (neither proctored nor unmonitored),
    • for all or several sessions of semester-long courses other than those taught by a librarian.

Questions about reserving Classrooms 2102A & B, contact: Senior Library Services Associate for Instruction, Nicole Car,

Scheduling Other Library Spaces

Questions about reserving Library Administration Conference Rooms 2405 & 2405A and Presentation/Group Study Rooms 2115, 2116 & 2117, contact: Library Administration,

Questions about reserving Special Collections, contact: Head of Special Collections & Archives Susan Swiatosz,