Dean's Leadership Council

At the University of North Florida, engaged faculty, broad educational offerings and beautiful natural surroundings provide an ideal environment to inspire our students, faculty, and the community-at-large. The University enriches our community intellectually, culturally and fiscally like no other place in Jacksonville. At its core lies the Thomas G. Carpenter Library, the University’s academic hub. It is an inclusive space of vibrant collaboration, diversity, and superior educational technology, nurturing drive and dedication -- evident within the building at all hours.

The library is available to the entire community. It is a public space where people visit to enjoy its unique art collections, vast community archives, transformative events and programs and access to library expertise, materials, equipment and hundreds of business and educational databases. Further, as seen on the Library Impact Dashboard, the Library and its extensive online resources, known as Digital Commons, are accessed more than 1.5 million times annually by researchers across the globe.

There are many enjoyable ways you can become involved in the UNF Library. These range from simply signing up for a UNF Library Card, making a pledge to support the Library's mission, becoming involved by participating in our activities, or serving the Library Dean's Leadership Council.

Research shows university libraries are one of the top three recruitment factors in college selection by students. Due to limitations in state funding, community engagement with campus libraries by individuals and corporations is critical to providing continued, outstanding service -- and attracting the brightest and most innovative minds to live and invest in our city. When you support the Thomas G. Carpenter Library you take an active role in fostering a premier work force and bright future for Northeast Florida.

Thank you, Council! - Student Impact Testimonial

Each year, we thank the University of North Florida Library Dean's Leadership Council at a reception to share our tremendous gratitude. Without the UNF Library Council, student, faculty, and community outreach would not be possible. This outreach teaches people how to engage and utilize the vast, treasure trove of educational resources the UNF Library provides - at no cost to them. The Library then fosters student retention and graduation. Hear from one of the many student recipients of a Library scholarship on how this impacted her college experience and graduating - on time. Way to go, Rebecca Corvil!