Library Policies and Guidelines

Course Reserves

Number: Policy #0012
Date: 04/14/2011
Department: Access Services


Placing items on reserve. (Faculty Only) 

  • To ensure swift turnaround, requests for placing materials on Reserve should be initiated well in advance of a new semester or use by a specific class. Copyright issues may delay processing of materials.
  • Materials are accepted for Course Reserve at the Access Services Desk (1 st floor) during all hours the library is open.
  • A completed Course Reserve Material Request form is required.
  • Supplies and photocopies needed for processing and circulating materials must be provided by the faculty member. (i.e. notebooks or binders or other unique containers).
  • Presenting the item with the reserve request will expedite processing.
  • Materials removed from Reserve by faculty will not be placed on reserve again during that semester.
  • Limitations: Due to space and staffing considerations, the size of the Course Reserve Collection must be restricted to a manageable volume. The following limits are necessary to adequately process, maintain, and provide access to the collection. Any faculty request to exceed these limitations must be justified in writing.
  • A maximum of 25 titles per course/instructor.
  • A maximum of 5 copies per title.

Types of materials accepted for Course Reserves:

Books, Media, and other materials:

  • Books, audio-visual materials, and curriculum items from the Library's collections may be placed on Course Reserve.
  • Personally-owned books and other printed materials are also accepted for Course Reserve.
  • Other non-print materials may be accepted if adequate marking, protection, and circulation is possible.

Periodicals: Journal Issues & bound periodical volumes:

  • The Periodicals Service Desk (3 rd floor) will administer controlled circulation of entire issues or runs of bound volumes of serials owned by the Library upon request of the instructor.


Photocopies will be accepted by the Library only if the copy meets one of the following conditions:

  • The copy meets the fair use guidelines as outlined by copyright law and/or CONTU Guidelines.
  • The copy has been lawfully purchased.
  • Specific permission for reserve use has been granted by the copyright holder. (written verification required)
  • Royalties have been paid (written verification required)

Library Purchase of Items for Reserve use: 

  • The Library will purchase one (1) copy of a book/media item needed for course reserve use if funds are available.
  • Request for more than one copy must be justified in writing.
  • Any requests for purchases must be received at least five weeks before class begins and generally excludes textbooks.

Loan Periods:

Faculty must select the circulation cycle for each item he/she places on reserve. The following factors should be considered when selecting a loan period:

  • The general availability of the information. 
  • The number of students enrolled in the class.
  • The number of duplicates on reserve. 
  • The anticipated use level based on class assignments.
  • Loan periods are 2 hours, 24 hours, 3 days and 7 days.
  • Two-hour loans remain in the library at all times.
  • Faculty needing access to a Reserve item outside of the library may make arrangements in advance by contacting the Head of Access Services at 620-2615 or by e-mailing

Personal Copies (Non-Library Owned Items):

Faculty may place personally owned items on Course Reserve with the following understanding:

  • The Library makes a reasonable effort to protect all materials in its possession, but cannot be held liable for loss, damage, or replacement costs of personal items placed on reserve.
  • While the material is on reserve, the owner relinquishes control over the use of the material to the library.
  • Use of personally-owned materials is controlled by existing library course reserve policy.
  • The material may be marked for reserve identification. Indelible ink, tape, adhesive, or staples may be used.

Types of materials not accepted for the Course Reserves Collection:  

  • Textbooks and required books which the student is expected to buy (except when personal copies are provided by the requestor at no expense to the Library).
  • Entire journal volumes/issues (except when administered through the Periodicals Service Desk).
  • Sets of books exceeding 4 volumes.
  • Bulky, fragile or unwieldy items whose physical characteristics prevent proper marking or processing for reserve circulation.
  • Materials which bear the ownership marking of another library or institution.
  • Materials unacceptable or unlawful for circulation due to copyright or license restrictions.
  • Personal copies with special conditions or restrictions attached to their handling or use.