Library Policies and Guidelines

Library Exhibits

Number: Policy #0009
Date: 05/03/2011
Department: Administration


Purpose of the Exhibits Program

The Thomas G. Carpenter Library supports the educational goals of the University by providing information resources, services, and programs that encourage study and learning, support instruction and academic programs, facilitate research and scholarship, and engage the university-at-large and the broader communities we serve. In support of this mission the Exhibits Committee of the Thomas G. Carpenter Library develops and maintains exhibits in two exhibit cases on the first floor.

Exhibits and displays shall be appropriate to an academic setting, serve the Library’s mission to support the curriculum, further the University’s educational and instructional goals, and inform and enrich the community. The primary use of Library exhibit cases will be to promote library-related themes, materials, collections, and to generally serve the needs of the Library. Library-related exhibits will take precedence over exhibits from external sources. Exhibits may also be produced by other University-affiliated groups and individuals or may be solicited displays.  External groups may apply to reserve the cases contingent on case availability and Exhibit Committee approval.

General Information

The two spaces that are available for exhibits are the Entrance Case and the Large Case outside of Special Collections. These spaces are both on the 1st floor of the Library.

Case Dimensions

Describes the various sizes of the exhibit cases

Entrance Case: Height: 25", Width 134", Depth 17 3/4"

9 shelf sections all 50" high, all shelves are 25" wide x 12" deep.

Exhibit Shelving

Number of Shelves Space Between Shelves
1st section: 4 shelves 12 1/2"
2nd section: 2 shelves 25"
3rd section: 3 shelves 16 1/2", 17", 16 1/2"
4th section: 4 shelves 12 1/2"
5th section: no shelves 50"
6th section: 3 shelves 25", 12", 13"
7th section: 3 shelves 16 1/2", 17", 16 1/2"
8th section: no shelves 50"
9th section: 3 shelves 25", 12", 13"
Entrance Case Large Exhibit Case outside of Special Collections

Height: 25"
Width: 134"
Depth: 17 3/4"


9 sections: all 50" high; all shelves 25"  wide x 12" deep.

Number of shelves                     Space between shelves

1st section: 4 shelves:                 12 ½"      
2nd section:2 shelves:                 25"
3rd section: 3 shelves:                16 ½", 17", 16 ½"
4th section: 4 shelves:                 12 ½"
5th section: no shelves:               50"
6th section: 3 shelves:                 25", 12", 13"
7th section: 3 shelves:                 16 ½", 17", 16 ½"
8th section: no shelves:               50"
9th section: 3 shelves:                 25", 12", 13"

  • The Exhibits Committee administers these two cases and the occasional use of the display board between the security gates.
  • Inquiries related to the exhibit spaces in Special Collections should be referred to Special Collections staff.
  • Exhibit applicants are required to read, complete and sign the Library's Exhibit Application Form acknowledging that the exhibit must conform to Library policies and procedures. The Exhibit must meet existing State and Federal laws on obscenity, libel, defamation of character and other legal statues
  • The exhibitor must provide an inventory of items in the exhibit.
  • The library assumes no responsibility for possible damage or theft of any item exhibited.
  • The Committee shall have final approval of the display, both choice of material to be exhibited and the actual set-up. The Committee reserves the right to remove materials deemed unsuitable or hazardous. Exhibitors may be asked to change or modify an exhibit at any time.


Exhibitors should take great care when installing their exhibits. The exhibit cases and the individual installers are both highly fragile! Due to glare, it is quite easy to hit the glass windows during the installation. Consider draping a piece of fabric over the open glass door to aid visibility. Please note that the shelves in the Large Case are not removable or adjustable. The shelves may handle no more than 15 lbs.

Exhibit Supplies

The Committee has designated poster tape approved for use on the back wood of the Entrance Case. This is a 3M / Scotch® product called Clear Mounting Squares. These are available in the campus bookstore and local craft stores. Copious tape and/or pins are discouraged as they can mar the cloth and wood of the individual cases. Special Collections has sample cloths, easels, risers and book stands for use in all library exhibits.

If books or fragile items are used, they must be displayed in a conservationally correct manner. Books may be displayed on cradles or stands to prevent damage to book spines.

Contact Tracey Britton (620-1402) or Special Collections staff (620-1533) for assistance.

Signs and Labels

The Exhibitor shall provide attractive and noticeable explanatory signs and labels indicating the nature, subject, and creators of the exhibit. The importance of labels and signs to the viewer cannot be overstated. When creating the title sign, think in terms of the 'big idea' a visitor should take away from the exhibit. Create labels that educate the viewer. Be aware of potential gaps in viewers' knowledge of the subject that may need to be addressed. The main title sign for the exhibit should be at least 8.5" x 11" and placed in a visually prominent area inside the case. Signs or labels should not be taped to the glass.

Please note that library display space will not serve as free commercial space for promotional advertising nor contain prices for items on display.

Scheduling and Duration of Exhibits

Display lengths may vary depending on the case and demand. The exhibit period for the Entrance Case is approximately one month; the Large Case is generally two months. The Committee reserves the right to determine the schedule and length of exhibits and to remove displays that remain longer than scheduled. Exhibitors may not reserve more than one case at a given time unless the Committee grants an exception. The Exhibitor is responsible for installing and removing exhibits according to the agreed upon schedule. In exceptional cases, the Committee may postpone or cancel a scheduled exhibit to accommodate special events.

Comments and Questions

Comments and questions about exhibits should be addressed to the Committee via e-mail: or regular mail.

Our mailing address is:

Library Exhibits Committee
University of North Florida 
P.O. Box 17605 
Jacksonville, FL 32245-7605