Library Policies and Guidelines

Graduate Study Room Use

Number: Policy #0008
Date: 08/1/2020
Department: Administration

Overview and Rules

Thomas G. Carpenter Library faculty and staff are authorized to enforce these usage policies.  The Library reserves the right to inspect the graduate study rooms at any time for violations of these policies.  Study rooms are intended for individual research purposes and for the use of currently-enrolled doctoral and graduate students only.  Priority will go to doctoral students, then to thesis-writing graduate students, then to graduate students.  Please respect other graduate study room occupants by following these policies.

  1. Stored food, tobacco products, vaping, and any kind of electrical appliances are prohibited in study rooms. 
  2. Disruptive noise and/or loud talking are not allowed in study rooms.  Please report if you are disturbed by noise. 
  3. Cell phone use is restricted to texting only and is strictly enforced.  Phones are to be on vibrate.
  4. Windows, including door windows of study rooms may not be covered in any way.  Tacks, tape, and nails on the wall are prohibited.   Study room occupants are expected to respect all Library resources.
  5. Library materials must be checked out before being kept in a study room.  Non-circulating materials may not be kept in the study room overnight.  Failure to comply will result in loss of study room assignment.
  6. Study room occupants must respond to all closing/evacuation announcements and requests. 
  7. The Library assumes no responsibility for any personal items left in the rooms.  Occupants are responsible for locking their doors.
  8. Study rooms may not be sub-assigned to any party by the current occupant.  
  9. You are solely responsible for the Intellikey.  Advise if the Intellikey beeps due to low battery.  A request will be processed for battery replacement.
  10. Study room occupants must notify the Library Administration Office (2400) of any housekeeping items such as replacement of light bulbs, etc.  Place your trash can outside your study room for disposal.  Housekeeping will empty and leave outside your door.
  11. Only two chairs are permitted in the study room.  Occupants are not permitted to bring in additional chairs or furniture.
  12. The graduate study room occupant assumes full responsibility for the room and its contents, and hereby authorizes charges against his/her student account for damages to the room or lost/damaged Intellikeys.  Intellikeys must be returned to Library Administration Office, Building 12, 2nd floor, Suite 2400 on or before stated due date.