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Library Haiku Contest: 2020 Winners

Haiku Contest Winner

First place

Small, winged musicians

perched on branches pierce silence

with beacons of hope.

Anjeanette Alexander-Smith – Faculty Member, English

Haiku Contest Winner

Second place:

My nights are consumed 

By thoughts of distant places 

Under the same moon.

Jenna Swiney – Undergraduate Student, Health Science

Haiku Contest Winner

Third place:

Bad idea this was 

coming home to quarantine 

send help, moms a pest.

Qhamora Kimbrough – Staff Member, Admissions

Library Haiku Contest: 2021 Winners

Haiku Contest 1st place winner

Black has been defined

By some random guy with pride

Why can’t black decide

Cadrian Kennedy – Undergraduate Student, Behavioral Neuroscience

Haiku Contest 2nd place winner

Open bag of chips—

Librarian glares at me,

Mask stays on, hungry.

Bryce Abell – Undergraduate Student, English

Haiku Contest 3rd place winner

I try to walk fast

Pero el mundo corre

Estoy cansada

Gabriella Senior – Graduate Student, Exercise Science and Chronic Disease

National Poetry Month


“A good poem is a contribution to reality." —Dylan Thomas

“Poetry is language at its most distilled and most powerful." —Rita Dove

“Poetry is an echo, asking a shadow to dance.” —Carl Sandburg

April is National Poetry Month! This annual celebration of all things poetic was launched by the Academy of American Poets in April 1996. Over the years, the holiday has been celebrated by poets, academics, and fans of literature. 2022 marks the 26th anniversary of National Poetry Month.

This online display will be updated as resources become available. You are invited to email suggestions or recommendations.


Osprey Poetry

EAT Poems: a series of audio chapbooks curated by Mark Ari, devoted to unique poetic wherever we find them, with a special focus on Florida Poets in and around Jacksonville. The following EAT Poems feature works by UNF Faculty: Keith Cartwright, Anna Claire Hodge, and Fred Dale.

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