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National Chemistry Week (NCW) is a community-based program of the American Chemical Society (ACS). This annual program unites ACS local sections, student chapters, technical divisions, businesses, schools, and individuals in communicating the importance of chemistry to our quality of life. NCW occurs annually during the third week of October.

The mission of NCW is to reach the public, particularly elementary and secondary school children, with positive messages about chemistry to:

  • Make a positive change in the public's impression of chemistry;
  • Promote a mechanism for effectively mobilizing ACS local sections; and
  • Motivate the ACS membership through local section activities.

NCW is administered by the ACS Office of Science Outreach which is part of the Education Division. The Committee on Community Activities (CCA) serves as the advisory group for outreach programs, and selects and develops the NCW themes and materials.

This online display includes eBooks and streaming videos available from the UNF library and links to websites related to chemistry. This online display will be updated as resources become available. You are invited to email suggestions or recommendations.


Chemistry: A Very Short Introduction Book Cover
General Chemistry
Reaction Rate Constant Computations : Theories and Applications book cover
Cover for Reactions the private life of atoms
Analysis of Kinetic Models of Chemical Reaction Systems. Value Approach book cover
Rate Constant Calculation for Thermal Reactions: Methods and Application
Solvent effects in chemistry
Multicomponent reactions : concepts and applications for design and synthesis
Organic chemistry reactions.

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