Virtual Learning Center

On the 3rd Floor of the Library, students and faculty can get hands on training with the usage of fully immersive VR Headsets.

What is a Library Guide?

The Thomas G. Carpenter Library implemented a way to arrange and share library resources and services available to UNF faculty, staff, and students for research and study. This system is referred to as library guides or LibGuides. You can visit the What is a library guide (LibGuide) resource to understand best practices for using them as a personal resource or as a teaching tool. 


The Virtual Learning Center

Welcome to the Virtual Learning Center. Better known as the VLC, the Virtual Learning Center is the where Virtual Reality(VR) is developed and  experienced in the Thomas G. Carpenter Library.  With 16 VR PC stations and access to 16 portable Meta headsets, the VLC is equipped to provide  immersive experiences for the Northeast Florida community. When navigating this guide, make sure you explore all of the Blue tabs along the lefthand sidebar. The "About" tab explains the technical details of the VLC and how to book a class or an individual space. "VR Experience and Applications" tab not only has the loaded experiences from Steam, Viveport and Meta, but also the UNF Created VR Experiences. The Recording Studio, where students can record audio and video,  on the 3rd floor of the Carpenter Library is also under the purvue of the VLC.  The 16 high powered Dell computers in the VLC have certain software conducive to creating Vr and AR expereinces. Those can be located under the "VLC Computer Software" tab

You should be able to be able to:

  •  book a space/class in the VLC/Recording studio
  • name a few VR experiences
  • name a UNF created VR experience
  • name the software loaded on the computers in the VLC

Make sure you take the short "VLC Quiz" at the end and leave a rating for this ibrary guide.