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Printing, copying, & Osprey1Card services in the Library

Card and Printing Services in the Library

The library provides card-operated vending services on three floors.

1st Floor Servicescopy machine, printer, vending machine, and Osprey Card

  • 2 copiers near the Information Desk
  • 2 printers near the Information Desk
  • $5 card cash to card machine near the Information Desk
  • School supplies vending near the TV alcove
  • Snack and drink vending near the restrooms

2nd Floor Services

  • 2 printers on the left side of the elevators, and 2 printers (B&W and Color) on the right side of the elevators
  • 1 copier near the restrooms
  • $1 card cash to card machine on the left side of the elevators
  • $5 card cash to card machine on the right side of the elevators
  • Drink vending near the restrooms

3rd Floor Services

  • 1 printer near the Virtual Learning Center
  • 1 copier near restrooms
  • 1 transparency copier near the restrooms

Scanning locations

There are multiple scanning locations in the library. Scanning is free for all library users. If you have any questions about scanning, feel free to ask us for help!

1st Floor

  • 1 scanner

2nd Floor

  • 6 scanners

3rd Floor

  • 1 large format scanner

Add money to your Osprey 1Card

Money is required in order to print or copy in the library. Students should use Ozzie Bucks on their Osprey 1Card for printing. Easily add Ozzie Bucks to your card in person or online. Click here for more information.

Don't have an Osprey 1Card? You can purchase a guest printing card at the black machines on the 1st or 2nd floors. A $1.00 card has a $.55 copy value, and a $5.00 card has a $4.55 copy value. You can add additional funds via cash, credit, or debit card at either of the same machines, and the full value will be added. For more information, please visit a service desk for assistance

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If you find that funds were removed by error, or if the value-add card machine does not register the funds on your account, visit the Osprey Card Office in Building 8.