Eartha M. M. White Collection Subject Index


Item identifier:  M4-1127

Description: Campaign poster for George E. Taylor, Presidential Candidate, National Liberty Party, U.S.A., 1904.

Description: See also Women's Christian Temperance Movement (Folder N5)

Item identifier:  Y4-1346

Description: Letter: From A. R. Howard, Board of Temperance, Prohibition and Public Morals of the Methodist Episcopal Church, Washington, D. C. to Eartha White. January 25, 1930. Concerning temperance work.

Item identifier:  K-1130

Description: Announcement: Biography of Mary Church Terrell. Mary Church Terrell helped found the National Association of Colored Women in 1896. First woman to serve Washington School Board; first president of the National Association of Colored Women, to which position she was elected three times and made honorary President for life. Platform speaker, Slayton Lyceum Bureau, including Chautauqua season.

Item identifier:  N4-1128a-e

Description: Program: Bon Voyage Testimonial honoring Bishop and Mrs. C. A. Gibbs, on their return to Africa, October 9, 1950. Program held at the Clara White Mission, September 27, 1950. (Five copies)

Item identifier:  N4-1129

Description: Program: Retirement Dinner honoring Mrs. Florence J. Dixon, June 3, 1969. Served as Branch Director, YWCA, Jacksonville, Florida, 1940-69.

Item identifier:  N4-1963

Description: Program: Testimonial dinner in honor of Herbert H. Lehman, Senator from New York, March 20, 1953. Eartha White was invited but did not attend.

Item identifier:  K-1131

Description: Resume: Brief summary of educational background and work experience of Jesse O. Thomas. (3 typed pages)

Item identifier:  O4-1132

Description: Letter: From Eartha White to Charles J. Thompson, August 29, 1928.

Item identifier:  O4-1133-1150

Description: Letters: From Charles J. Thompson to Eartha White, September 5, 22, 24,1929; October 4, 14,1929; November 7, 1929; December 9, 17, 1929; November ?, 1930; January 26, 31, 1930; February 8, 22, 1930; March 10, 1930; March ?, 1930; September ?, 1932; March 18, 1933; September 24, 1934. (Nos. 1133-1150)

Item identifier:  O4-1347

Description: Card: From the Atlantic National Bank Jacksonville, Florida to Eartha White; transaction card for business involving C. J. Thompson and Annie Lane. March 27, 1930.

Item identifier:  O4-1350

Description: Letter: From the Atlantic National Bank of Jacksonville, Florida to Eartha White, concerning remiss payments on a note assumed by Eartha White for C. J. Thompson. April 14, 1930.

Item identifier:  O4-1860

Description: Letter: From Simpson R. Walker to C. J. Thompson, threatening to foreclose on property. April 23, 1929.

Item identifier:  O4-1861

Description: Notice: From the National Bank to C. J. Thompson, concerning due date of mortgage payment. April 22, 1929.

Item identifier:  O4-1862

Description: Document: Mortgage deed by C. J. Thompson to Eartha White. February 12, 1929.

Item identifier:  F4-2685

Description: Photograph: The Tuskegee Institute Choir, William L. Dawson, Director, 1950.

Item identifier:  K-1157

Description: Photograph: Robert Russa Moton, president of Tuskegee Institute. Robert R. Moton (1867-1940) was an African American educator. He succeeded his close friend Booker T. Washington, as president of Tuskegee Institute in 1915 and served the United States government in several capacities.

Item identifier:  Q4-1796

Description: Postcard: From Eartha White to Marie Mangrum. August 29, 1950. Card depicts Booker T. Washington. Postmark: Tuskegee Institute, Alabama.

Item identifier:  D1-0330

Description: Photographs (3 interior views): In The Crisis Magazine (January 1942 issue) Page 15. Full Text