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Find Archival (Paper) Copies of UNF Theses and Dissertations

Most archival copies of dissertations by students of the University of North Florida are shelved in the General Collection of the Library by call numbers beginning with "X." A complete collection of UNF student dissertations and theses can be found in the Library Special Collections.  

Individual theses may be searched for in the Library's online catalog by call number, author, title, and subject. 

UNF masters theses may be found by a subject search under the heading: "Dissertations Academic--UNF," subdivided by university program,

For example:

Dissertations, Academic -- UNF -- Biology

Dissertations, Academic -- UNF -- Computer Science

Dissertations, Academic -- UNF -- Counseling

Dissertations, Academic -- UNF -- Education

Disserations, Academic -- UNF -- Health

Dissertations, Academic -- UNF -- History

Dissertations, Academic -- UNF -- Language and literature

Dissertations, Academic -- UNF -- Mathematics

Dissertations, Academic -- UNF -- Psychology

Doctoral dissertations are listed together in the subject index under the heading: "Dissertations, Academic--UNF--Doctor of ...," further subdivided by university program.

For example:

Dissertations, Academic -- UNF -- Doctor of Education

Dissertations, Academic -- UNF -- Doctor of Nursing Practice

Honors papers are listed together as: 

Dissertations, Academic -- UNF -- Honors.

Digitized theses can be viewed online on the Library's Digital Commons webpage. 

UNF Thesis Deposit Policy and Guide

Guidelines and policies to assist students preparing graduate theses and dissertations.


Theses and dissertations are only accepted electronically by the library, but if the student’s department/committee chair requires a copy of the project, or the student wants personal print copies of the project, binding arrangements and fees are the sole responsibility of the student. Neither the UNF Library nor the UNF Graduate School will accept or are responsible for print copies.

The library does not endorse any particular vendor or supplier for binding services, but offers several options below:


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