Thesis Deposit Policy and Guide

Guidelines and policies to assist students preparing graduate theses and dissertations.

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Graduate School - Thesis and Dissertations Procedures Page

For more information on writing your thesis or dissertation at the University of North Florida, see the page below:

Purposes of these requirements

The requirements for thesis/dissertation format guidelines serve four purposes:

1.  To provide archived and preserved copies for the library and university

2.  To provide the library with enough information to correctly catalog the thesis/dissertation for retrieval by library patrons

3.  To provide the library patron with a legible copy

4.   To provide print copy formatting recommendations

To achieve these purposes, the library requires students to submit an electronic copy of the thesis/dissertation by following the procedures outlined in this document.

These procedures were formulated after a comparison of the thesis/dissertation guidelines of sister institutions in the State University System of Florida and several large private universities.  The UNF policies synthesize generally accepted archival deposit procedures found in universities in the United States, and strive to guarantee the preservation of the final results of a student's graduate research. These rules affect only the final document submitted to the library through the Graduate School Office. Students must still be guided by their faculty thesis advisors for the preparation and final approval of the thesis/dissertation.  Students should consult their own colleges and The UNF Graduate School for additional thesis/dissertation preparation guidelines.

Dear Alumni

We’re seeking permission forms from alumni who have authored theses or dissertations while attending UNF.  If you’d like to see your thesis or dissertation included in UNF Digital Commons, and have not signed a permission form already, please contact us for more information. 

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