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Introduction to Curation

As a digital user, it is important for you to understand the importance of digital curation. Curation involves organizing, storing, and preserving digital data. As not all digital content is created equally, it is important for society to think about what content should be preserved and why. The preservation efforts will entail sorting through to focus on meaningful digital content to curate. The curation process includes the selection, organization, storage, and the upkeep of the digital content.

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Infographic describing the digital curation process. The process is triangular and starts with Consume Content and then leads to the curation of content and then to collaborating regarding content to ensure that the content is sharable, correct, and updated.

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Digital Content Curation

Transcript for Content Curation Infographic

People consume content such as blogs, wikis, Rss feeds, and social media. This leads to a selection process of curating content where they will have to evaluate, interpret, and personalize the content. Next, is the thinking process. This enables collaboration. Users can show content, connect, invite contributions, and update content. It is part of the learning process and cycles back to users viewing content.

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