Digital Literacy

Introduction to Communication & Collaboration

As more and more people connect in online environments, it is important for you to understand the social norms and etiquette while you are engaged in the digital world. Collaborating online can be highly productive and impactful when you engage with others respectfully.

Helpful Resources

Rules of Netiquette Infographic. Rule 1: Remember the Human. Rule 2: Know where you are in the digital space. Rule 3: Real life reflects online. Rule 4: Respect time and bandwith. Rule 5: Make yourself look good online. Rule 6: Share expert knowledge. Rule 7: Check your opinions and emotions. Rule 8: Respect other's privacy. Rule 9: Don't abuse your power. Rule 10: Forgive mistakes.

"Netiquette1" by hj_dewaard is licensed under CC BY 2.0
Used with no alteration.

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