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What is a Library Guide (LibGuide)?

This guide will provide the definition of the library guide. Additionally, this guide will differentiate between the types of library guides and why students and faculty should use them.

Introduction to This Library Guide

Picture of UNF Library with title "What is a Library Guide (LibGuide)?

The Thomas G. Carpenter Library implemented a way to arrange and share library resources and services available to UNF faculty, staff, and students for research and study. This system is referred to as library guides or LibGuides or research guides. Library guides are a content management and information sharing system designed specifically for libraries.

Research indicates that students, faculty, and staff underuse library guides during the research process because they (1) do not know what they are and (2) do not know how to find them (Bagshaw & Yorke-Barber, 2018; Ouellette, 2011). The purpose of this library guide is to define what library guides are, describe how to find your UNF library guides, and when necessary how to search for library guides from other colleges and universities throughout the world. Additionally, this guide will provide information on how students can take advantage of library guides to grow as researchers and how faculty can use them to teach how to research.

You can maneuver this library guide by clicking on the blue tabs. The "Start Here" tab will provide you with the introduction to the guide as well as the this guide's learning objectives. The "Definition of the Library Guide" will better define the tool and provide you with background information on the company that supports LibGuides. The "Types of Library Guides" will differentiate the types of guides (Subject, Course, Topic, and General Resource guides). The "Using Library Guides Effectively" tab will provide guidance for when students, staff, and faculty can use guides for learning and teaching. Finally, the "Get Help" tab will provide you with how to contact your librarians and library staff members when you need support.

After reviewing this guide, you will be able to:



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