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Library Instruction For Transfer Success (LIFTS)

A guide to Library Instruction support services for transfer students

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Library Instruction for Transfer Success

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The LIFTS LibGuide outlines all of the major services available for transfer students at the University of North Florida and includes links to all the resources particularly available for Transfer students for Instructional support. The success of the transfer student is crucial to the overall health and vibrancy of the University of North Florida. LIFTS outlines instructional support services provided by the Carpenter Library, plus links to other sources for the specific needs of transfer students. We want Transfer students to be empowered to thrive in their new academic home at UNF.  

Our goal is for students to use this LibGuide to:

  • Recall how to navigate the library and find points of interest
  • Plan to get Instructional support help by scheduling a research consultation with an instruction Librarian.
  • Recognize how to develop your skills and find the resources you need for your assignments.
  • Check for help from other  UNF campus resources and their location.
  • Implement the tacit knowledge needed to become a strong researcher through the ACRL Framework

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LIFTS Overview Video recorded 2/24/2024 by Beryl White-Bing

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