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Dictionaries S - Z

Dictionaries -- Sanskrit

Macdonell, Arthur Anthony. A Practical Sanskrit Dictionary, with Transliteration, Accentuation and Etymological Analysis Throughout. London: Oxford University Press, 1954.
PK933.M3 1954

Monier-Williams, Monier. A Sanskrit-English Dictionary: Etymologically and Philologically Arranged with Special Reference to Cognate Indo-European Languages. Delhi: Oriental Pub., 1973.
PK933.M6 1973

Dictionaries -- Serbo-Croatian

Benson, Morton. An English-SerboCroatian Dictionary. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 1979.

Recnik Englesko-Srpskohrvatski, Srpskohrvatsko-Engleski sa Kratkom Gramatikom Engleskog Jezika: Dictionary English-SerboCroatian, SerboCroatian-English with a Short Grammar of English Language. Cetinjue: Obod, 1978.
PG1377.R37 1978

Dictionaries -- Slovak

Hrobak, Philip Anthony. Hrobak's English-Slovak Dictionary; Unabridged. New York: R. Speller, 1965.
PG5379.H7 1965

Slovensko-Anglicky Slovnik. New York: P. Shalom, 1966.
PG5379.S62 1966

Dictionaries -- Spanish

Diccionario de la Lengua Espanola. Madrid: Espasa-Calpe, 1997.
PC4625.A3 1997

Gran Diccionario Espanol-Ingles: English-Spanish Dictionary. Paris: Larousse, 1993.
PC4640.G73 1993

Raventos, Margaret H. Random House Spanish-English, English-Spanish Dictionary. New York: Random House, 1999.
PC4640.R32 1999

Stahl, Fred A. Reverse Dictionary of the Spanish Language. Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 1973.

Dictionaries -- Swahili

Inter-territorial Language Committee to the East African Dependencies. Standard Swahili-English Dictionary. London: Oxford University Press, 1939.

Rechenbach, Charles William. Swahili-English Dictionary. Washington: Catholic University of America Press, 1967

Dictionaries -- Swedish

Gullberg, Ingvar Emanuel. Svensk-Engelsk Fackordbok for Naringsliv, Forvaltning, Undervisning och Forskning: A Swedish-English Dictionary of Technical Terms Used in Business, Industry, Administration, Education and Research. Stockholm: Norstedt, 1977.
PD5640.G8 1977

Nojd, Ruben. McKay's Modern English-Swedish and Swedish-English Dictionary. New York: D. McKay Co., 1954.

Dictionaries -- Tagalog

Ramos, Teresita V. Tagalog Dictionary. Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press, 1971.

Dictionaries -- Thai

McFaland, George Bradley. Thai-English Dictionary. Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press, 1953.
PL4187.M18 1953

Robertson, Richard G. Robertson's Practical English-Thai Dictionary. Rutland, VT: C.E. Tuttl;e, 1969.
PL4187.R6 1969

Dictionaries -- Tibetan

Goldstein, Melvyn C. English-Tibetan Dictionary of Modern Tibetan. Berkeley, CA: University of California Press, 1984.
PL3637T52G65 1984

Dictionaries -- Turkish

Hony, H.C. Turkish-English Dictionary. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1957.
PL191.H6 1957

Iz, Fahir. Oxford English-Turkish Dictionary. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1978.
PL191.I93 1978

Dictionaries -- Vietnamese

Le Ba Khanh. Vietnamese-English Dictionary: With a Supplement of New Words. New York: F. Ungar Publishing Company, 1975.
PL4376.L48 1975

Nguyen, Dinh Hoa. Vietnamese-English Student Dictionary. Carbondale: Southern Illinois University Press, 1971.
PL4376.N355 1971

Dictionaries -- Yiddish

Weinreich, Uriel. Modern English-Yiddish, Yiddish-English Dictionary. New York: Yivo Institute for Jewish Research; McGraw-Hill, 1968.

Dictionaries -- Yoruba

Abraham, Roy Clive. Dictionary of Modern Yoruba. London: University of London Press, 1958.

Dictionaries -- Zulu

Doke, Clement Martyn. English-Zulu Dictionary. Johannesburg: Witwatersrand University Press, 1988.
PL8843.D617 1988