Resources for High School Students

What is OneSearch?

The UNF Library provides students with stepsheets called "LibGuides"  You can access the OneSearch Library Guide to review best practices. The purpose of the high school visit is to introduce students to OneSearch, keyword searches, Boolean Search Techniques, and limiters.

What is a Database?

Onesearch is a tool that enables students to search 95% of all the databases that the UNF Library subscribes to. OneSearch is a comprehensive option to begin your research. Watch this brief video to learn more about the power of searching within a database for your research:

The Search Process

One can begin with a "sloppy search" by entering keywords into OneSearch:

Keyword search in Onesearch

Here is a refined search using the Advanced Search Option. Note the Quotation marks around zika virus and the Boolean Operators (And & Or). 

Advanced Boolean Search example in Onesearch

Reading Beyond the Abstract

Once you find articles, it is time to go beyond the description of the article (abstract) and take time to read it in its entirety. If an article is promising, take note of the author's bibliography or works-cited page. You can return to OneSearch and search for these articles to build upon your own research.

PDF IconPDF Full Text provides you with instant access to the full text.

Full Text Finder IConFull Text isn't readily available. However, click on this icon, and OneSearch may be able to retrieve the article.

HTML Full Text IconYou can view the article in a block text format. This option is better than nothing, but be mindful that HTML will not provide you with page numbers. Citing an article will be slightly more challenging due to this missing information.



Limiters enable you to hone in on your research. Many college professors want students to find peer-reviewed articles.  Others request that students find publications produced within a specific time span. Use the database's limiters to retrieve materials that match your instructor's expectations.

Limiter Options in Onesearch

Emailing Your Articles

It is important to begin your research while visiting the UNF library. You have full access as a visitor when you physically visit the UNF Library.  Searching during your scheduled visit will allow you to send full text documents to your e-mail account.

PDF File IconIf you find an article with a PDF file, you can email the PDF file to your email account. Click on the title of the article. Click on the email icon (which can be found on the far right of your screen).email icon

Type your email address in the "E-mail to" field. Finally, click send.


If you find an article that does not have a PDF file, click on the Full Text Finder icon. full text finder

If you find the article, you can download the PDF file to the computer desktop, open up your e-mail, and send it as an attachment. 

screen shot of journal article


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