Fake News Guide 2

This guide will define fake news and provide resources for avoiding it in research.

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Sarah Moukhliss

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Introduction to the Guide

Newspaper men running with newspapers. Title of Guide is Fake News.


The Thomas G. Carpenter Library implemented a way to arrange and share library resources and services available to UNF faculty, staff, and students for research and study. This system is referred to as library guides or LibGuides. This library guide will point you to resources for educating yourself on fake news. You can maneuver this library guide by clicking the blue tabs. The "Start Here" tab will provide you with a brief overview of the Fake News library guide. The "What is Fake News" tab will better define the concept of fake news. The "UNF Resources for Fake News" tab will provide you with a list of credible databases to explore. Additionally, the UNF librarians share recommended e-books and peer reviewed articles on the topic. The "Other Resources" tab connects you to a variety of informational websites about fake news. Finally, the "Get Help" tab will provide you with ways to connect with your UNF librarian for research support. 

Upon reviewing this library guide, you will be able to:

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