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Link Articles & E-books using OneSearch - This is Easiest!

OneSearch is the main search tool that will aid in gaining access to articles, ebooks, newspaper articles, and other resources. Choosing to go to the library homepage, one needs to take permalinks, the direct links to these resources, and placing them in canvas for students to be able to access these resources. 

The following steps show the process:

Go to the Thomas G. Carpenter Library Homepage and enter your search terms in the OneSearch bar

Locate the resource for your course and click on the title



Copy and paste this link into Canvas in your preferred style.

See the final product: This article added to canvas.

In canvas, students will be prompted to log in (n# & password) if they are off campus and then have access to the full text from anywhere. 

Known Issue - Mobile Accessibility: We have discovered that OneSearch Permalinks do not function properly when you try to access them on a small-screen device such as a smart phone.  We have informed EBSCO and they are working on a solution.  Please encourage students to use a device with a larger display, such as an iPad or other standard-sized tablet.  We have not tested iPad minis or other mini-tablets/tablets such as Samsung Galaxy Note.  Laptops and desktops are unaffected by this issue.  Once resolved, we'll let you know. 

Linking with the Library

Prefer using a specific database?  That's fine, just look for a permalink or DOI for the desired article.  This can often be found on the full record (usually by clicking the title).  Copy the permalink or DOI and paste that link into Canvas in your preferred style.  Then place the proxy before the permalink/DOI to ensure the prompt for log in for access off campus. 

Best Practice

Kholodilin, K. A., & Kohl, S. (2022). Rent control reduces economic inequality at a price. DIW Weekly Report, 12(12), 88–95.


Example from PubMed:

Maughan KL, Lutterbie MA, Ham PS. Treatment of breast cancer. Am Fam Physician. 2010 Jun 1;81(11):1339-46. PMID: 20521754.