Transition to OpenAthens

OpenAthens will later replace our current remote access system. Users will use their same UNF credentials and be prompted when and where to enter them.  Our previous system will be retired at a later date, which we will notify the UNF community.

What this means.

  • Old bookmarks and URLs will function until the legacy system is retired. Nearly all UNF resources will have an OpenAthens on go live. So all database users should update any bookmarks and faculty are encouraged update any URLs they have on their course sites. 
  •  UNF Library staff will monitor network use to determine if old links are still in use.


User Experience Improvements

  • OpenAthens will remember the browser user authenticated on. Fewer sign ins will be necessary.
  • Improved resource tracking so the library can better select what resources to keep.
  • Multiple access routes to library resources 

Resources still to be migrated to OpenAthens

Not all resources have been migrated to OpenAthen yet. This means permalinks to and from these resources are not yet up to date. This list will be updated periodically. 

  1. Bloomsbury
  2. Up to Date
  3. Manual of medical nutrition 
  4. Pubmed
  5. Visible Body Desktop

Permalinks and Link Generator

As with the legacy system, links specifically generated for UNF can link to resources directly and prompt for authentication if needed. Permalinks can be pulled from the Database list using the share option, they can also be extracted from the permalink option in many databases or generated using the tool located at