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How to Access Resources

All students, staff, and faculty must use their UNF credentials to access online resources, on or off-campus. Users will only need to authenticate to OpenAthens once per session. An OpenAthens session stays active for up to 8 hours, unless you clear your browser cache and cookies. The authentication process will differ based on whether resources are accessed via library websites or directly from a content provider website.

Routes to Access

OpenAthens provides users several different access paths to Carpenter Library provided resources.

Database List

Video Tutorial

 Is the easiest access route providing the direct login link to the resource. 

Starting from the Web

Video Tutorial


 Some resources provide the ability to sign in to OpenAthens directly. To use this authentication method:

1. Locate if there is an OpenAthens sign-in option, frequently it is located under a generic login option (if the site does not have this option sign in via the library database list

2. Use the "Find your Organization" option and enter "University of North Florida." Open Athens Login

3. Enter your UNF credentials UNF single sign in page

4. Your OpenAthens Session will now be authenticated.

Vendor Specific Account

Some vendors will request you create a vendor-specific account when you log in via OpenAthens.This is normal, some vendors do this to avoid data loss if you have already created an account with them.

Examples include: 

  • ArtStor
  • O’Reilly