Library Guide Assessment Standards for Quality-Checked Review

Quality Assurance Peer Review Rubric for Library Guides

What is a Library Guide?

The Thomas G. Carpenter Library implemented a way to arrange and share library resources and services available to UNF faculty, staff, and students for research and study. This system is referred to as library guides or LibGuides. Review the What is a Library Guide (LIbGuide)? to understand best practices for using them for research and instruction.

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Library Guide Assessment Standards for Quality-Checked Review

This library guide will point librarians to the Library Guide Assessment Standards (LGAS) rubric for Quality-Checked Review for creating, building, and designing library guides. 

Upon reviewing this library guide, you will be able to:

  • Assess library guides based on the Library Guide Assessment Standards for Quality-Checked Review
  • Use or remix these standards for your own institution 
  • Recognize the importance for following quality-checked review standards
  • Identify ways to contact your UNF library support staff and librarians

Watch the video tutorial to understand how to navigate this library guide:

Thomas G. Carpenter Library. (n. d.). How to navigate this library guide.

According to Springshare (n. d.), library guides are widely used by academic, school, and public libraries (130,000 librarians worldwide). Additionally, library guides integrate into a variety of LMS Systems including Canvas (Daniel, 2016). Per Lauseng et al. (2021), students, faculty, and librarians outside the guide's institution discover library guides in a variety of ways including Google searching. Noting these three points (1) popularity of the product (2) integration into an LMS (3) and worldwide viewership, library guides benefit by undergoing a rigorous peer review process to ensure high quality content and delivery.


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Image Information: StephencdicksonCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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This library guide met the standards for a Quality-Checked review.