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What are Government Documents?

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Government documents are simply publications issued by government agencies.  They include local, state, and federal publications.  There is an official program through which federal documents are shared with the public called the Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP).  The FDLP distributes publications, printed or received by the Government Publishing Office (GPO), to libraries that elect to serve as depositories.  Much has changed since the beginning of the program, and now content is largely disseminated in digital format. 

The Thomas G. Carpenter library is a selective depository for federal publications.  This means we select what is most appropriate for our collection rather than receiving all of the available material.  We do receive all distributed Florida public documents and collect as much local government material as possible.

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Confronting the Iranian Challenge   Y4.F76/1:115-126

Mass Migration in Europe: Assimilation, Integration, and Security  Y4.F76/1:115-123

Libya Fractured: The Struggle for Unity  Y4.F76/1:115-125

Fast and Furious Six Years Later  Y4.G74/7:115-25

Get It Right This Time: A Victims-Centered Trafficking in Persons Report  Y4.F76/1:114-185

Protecting the Internet and Consumers Through Congressional Action   Y4.C73/8:114-1


Many Government Documents have eBook versions that are available on our OneSearch database, as well as our UNF Library catalog.

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