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Giving to the Library & Student Scholarships: Library Research Prize - Past Winners

2023 Award Winners

Graduate: Lauren Boyd

Lauren Boyd with members of the Dean's Leadership Council and her sponsor, Dr. Dominik Guess.

The 2023 Graduate winner of the UNF Library Research Prize is Lauren Boyd. Lauren is a graduate student in the Master in Psychological Science program. Her project involves capturing movements using virtual reality technology to study Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD) in adults with and without developmental disabilities.

Virtual Reality is the new frontier for human-computer interaction, and Lauren’s essay noted what a privilege it was to work closely on her research with the Library’s Virtual Learning Center (VLC) and its staff. In addition to learning how to optimize literature searching with Boolean operators, the VLC itself provided a physically safe real environment to host the complimentary virtual environment, ensuring that there is minimal to no risk of injury to the participants. The VLC provided the necessary space, access to technology, and support that no other place on campus could offer for her research.

Lauren’s application was supported by Dr. Dominik Guess.

Undergraduate: Kaia Lacey

Kaia Lacey with members of the Dean's Leadership Council and her sponsor, Dr. Chris Rominger.

The 2023 Undergraduate winner of the UNF Library Research Prize is Kaia Lacey. Kaia is a senior majoring in history/anthropology with her project titled “White Man’s War: Māori Stance Against Conscription in the Great War.”

Although her topic was very niche, Kaia highlighted in her essay both the print and electronic resources available through the Carpenter Library making special mention of the depth of our journal collection for both historic articles and contemporary commentaries. She noted by name a couple of the Library staff who had assisted her: Lauren Newton who taught research methods and Austin Sprunger who obtained resources that she needed from other Libraries.

Kaia’s application was supported by Dr. Chris Rominger.

Undergraduate (Honorable Mention): Boaz Levy

Boaz Levy with members of the Dean's Leadership Council and his sponsor, Dr. Chris Rominger.

The 2023 Undergraduate honorable mention winner of the UNF Library Research Prize is Boaz Levy. Boaz is a senior majoring in political science and his project is titled “The Sephardic-Mizrahi Moment: Cultural Renewal, Jewish-Arab Rapprochement, and Zionism in the 1920s.”

In his essay, Boaz pointed out that the study of modern Middle Eastern history demands innovative sources and linguistic proficiencies and that the Carpenter Library staff was able to help him broke down the intimidating barriers to research and made them manageable. He highlighted not only the outstanding resources of the Carpenter Library but also how valuable it was to have access to resources at other institutions through interlibrary loan.

Boaz’s application was supported by Dr. Chris Rominger.

2022 Award Winners

Graduate:  Doretta Leung

Dr. Andrea Arikawa, faculty sponsor; Dr. Pam Chally, UNF Interim-President;  Doretta Leung, 2022 Graduate Student Prize Winner; Dr. Brent Mai, UNF Library Dean

The 2022 Graduate winner of the UNF Library Research Prize is Doretta Leung. Doretta is a graduate student pursuing a DCN in Clinical Nutrition-Advanced Practice. Her project is titled “The impact of a pediatric interdisciplinary outpatient feeding clinic on preterm infant weight gain and caregiver compliance with feeding recommendations.”

Doretta’s essay highlighted how RefWorks had helped her manage the citations for all the articles that she used for her project, and how the availability and timing of research consultations with the faculty librarians had been critical to her work. Doretta, who works as a pediatric dietician at Nemours Children’s Health Clinic, commented on how she uses the library’s medical databases daily as she prepares to meet with patients at the clinic.

Doretta’s application was supported by Dr. Andrea Arikawa.

Undergraduate: Lamija HodzicDr. Sarah Mattice, faculty sponsor; Dr. Pam Chally, UNF Interim-President;  Lamija Hodzic, 2022 Undergraduate Student Prize Winner; Dr. Brent Mai, UNF Library Dean

The 2022 Undergraduate winner of the UNF Library Research Prize is Lamija Hodzic. Lamija is a Junior majoring in International Studies with her project is titled “The Dayton Accords and Instability Within Bosnia and Herzegovina.”

Lamija’s essay highlighted the skills she had acquired by working with faculty librarians to learn how to define and narrow her search for information so that she didn’t have to sift through thousands of search results – but rather spend her time on reviewing only those that were most relevant – and then how the library could help her locate and acquire those materials, even if they weren’t in our library. She also highlighted the significance of the library as a space where she could focus and collaborate with fellow students.

Lamija’s application was supported by Drs. Sarah Mattice and Clayton McCarl.

2021 Award Winners

Graduate: Leslie Van HornLeslie Van Horn
Leslie Van Horn is a doctoral candidate in the Doctorate of Clinical Nutrition program at UNF.  She is presently working to complete her dissertation titled, “Validation of an evidence-based dietetic practice instrument and the association between level of education and use of evidence-based dietetic practices among registered dietitian nutritionists.”  Her research interests focus on nutrition and dietetics education.  She lives in Charlotte, NC and also works full-time as an instructor at Winthrop University in Rock Hill, SC.


Undergraduate: Ketty MoraKetty Mora

My name is Ketty Mora, and I just graduated from UNF with a BA in Art History. My time at UNF has precipitated an enormous personal growth and development that have given me the confidence and motivation to continue my studies at Emory University, where I will pursue a PhD in Art History starting next Fall. My professors at UNF, staff, and resources, have played an instrumental role in my personal and academic life, and my gratitude goes out perpetually to them.


Undergraduate (Honorable Mention): Carol Lynne Hemmingway

Carol Lynne Hemmingway is an undergraduate student and Jacksonville native studying History and Spanish with a minor in Digital Humanities. Her academic interests include local history, women authors and historians, and archival science. Lynne has worked as a student assistant for the Thomas G. Carpenter Library Special Collections since her first year at UNF and, as a student intern, has contributed to ongoing projects which combine her interests like the UNF Digital Humanities Institute's Editing the Eartha M. M. White Collection.