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Giving to the Library & Student Scholarships: Awards and Scholarships

Dr. Edna L. Saffy Library Scholarship

The purpose of the Dr. Edna L. Saffy Library Scholarship, value $1,000, is to provide support for a student with an academic interest in women’s history.  Preference will be given to students with an interest in (ascending order of priority) American Women’s History, Florida Women’s History, Jacksonville Women’s History, and/or Dr. Edna Saffy’s contribution to Women’s History.

Dr. Edna L. Saffy was a professor, human rights activist and founder of NOW chapters in Jacksonville and Gainesville. She was active in city, county, state and national political causes.  As Gloria Steinem said of her, "Edna always makes it happen."

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Dr. Carolyn Williams Student Assistant Award

Student assistants play a critical role in library staffing, serving library users and supporting internal processes across the Library. Through part-time employment, students build lifelong skills and help cover the costs of their UNF education. This $250 award is intended to reward top-performing Library student assistants who demonstrate excellent service and commitment to the Library and its mission. The award is provided through the Dr. Carolyn Williams Library Student Assistant Fund, established upon her passing by community members and her family to honor Dr. Williams’ memory and many contributions to the Library.

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Dean's Leadership Council - Library Research Prize

The Thomas G Carpenter Library and the Dean's Leadership Council are proud to continue the tradition of rewarding students who demonstrate exemplary scholarship using effective research strategies and the library's resources, services, and staff. Through two $1,000 prizes, one for undergraduate students and one for graduate students, students are encouraged to continue their studies and the legacy of UNF Academic Excellence.

The Library Dean’s Leadership Council Scholarship was established in 2015 with support from the Dean’s Leadership Council.  It is an annual scholarship and may grow into an endowed scholarship fund to last in perpetuity.

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Spring 2022: Alexis Corbin

  I am Alexis Corbin and during my time at UNF, I majored in Business Management with a minor in International Business and worked at the UNF Library for almost 3 years as a Student Assistant in Periodicals and Media, along with Access Services. Notably, I am from the island of Barbados and it was truly life-changing to experience another culture whilst sharing aspects of my own and meeting new people. Some of my hobbies are watching anime, traveling, and spending quality time with loved ones. After graduating I intend to work for a year, then go to graduate school to attain my MBA.



Spring 2022: Lynne Hemmingway Lynne Hemmingway

    My name is Lynne Hemmingway and I am a double-major in history and Spanish. The library has played a large role in my undergraduate education, especially since I have worked in Special Collections beginning in the first semester of my freshman year. UNF's Special Collections houses useful collections related to local history that I have used to write research papers on Jacksonville's history. Special Collections has also allowed me to gain experience in a field that allows me to apply my training in history that I have helped to process. I look forward to knowing that researchers will be able to use and learn from archival collections. Everyone at the Thomas G. Carpenter Library has been very supportive of me through encouragement, advice, and funding like this scholarship. After my graduation in Spring 2022, I plan to go to graduate school and work in archives.


Marisa PechilloMarisa Pechillo

Graduate Student

History Major




Originally from a suburb of Baltimore, Maryland, I attended grade school and high school in the region, graduating in 2013. After graduation, in 2016, I moved to Jacksonville to be closer to family who lived in the area. Here I attended St. Johns River State College, earning my A.A. and transferring to University of North Florida the following year. When first coming to the university, I chose history as my major since it was the subject I had found the most joy in studying. As a child, I developed a passion for history at an early age, with my first historical fascination being Tudor era women. My parents fostered my love for history, often bringing me to visit museums and gifting me books on various historical topics that I devoured in my spare time. 

 UNF provided a new outlet for this passion to thrive. During my time here, the history department has allowed me the opportunity to explore various internships and potential career paths, including teaching, digital humanities, and archival work. This has guided and shaped my interests, bringing more focus to my research while helping me build stronger relationships with professors and students on campus. Since beginning my studies at UNF, I have graduated with a B.A. in History and moved on to the M.A. in History program where I primarily study women’s imprisonment, women's resistance, and the family structure under imperial governments. My interest in women’s history, and in women’s imprisonment, has been further bolstered through my internship work with the Dr. Christine Rasche Collection held in the Thomas G. Carpenter Library Special Collections. 

In my spare time, I enjoy spending time outdoors and being active whenever possible. I am also a big fan of exploring Jacksonville’s local art and food scenes, something I have found the city to be well known for since moving here more than half a decade ago. In the future, I hope to further my studies in history by attending a Doctoral program and pursuing extensive research in women’s history. Being selected for the Dr. Edna L. Saffy Library Scholarship has encouraged me to follow in the footsteps of the many women in our city’s history who have worked tirelessly to support women’s efforts and successes.


Graduate-  Doretta Leung

Dr. Andrea Arikawa, faculty sponsor; Dr. Pam Chally, UNF Interim-President;  Doretta Leung, 2022 Graduate Student Prize Winner; Dr. Brent Mai, UNF Library Dean

Doretta Leung is a graduate student pursuing a DCN in Clinical Nutrition- Advanced Practice with her project titled “The impact of a pediatric interdisciplinary outpatient feeding clinic on preterm infant weight gain and caregiver compliance with feeding recommendations.” Her application was supported by Dr. Andrea Arikawa.




Undergraduate- Lamija HodzicDr. Sarah Mattice, faculty sponsor; Dr. Pam Chally, UNF Interim-President;  Lamija Hodzic, 2022 Undergraduate Student Prize Winner; Dr. Brent Mai, UNF Library Dean

 Lamija Hodzic is a Junior majoring in International Studies with her project titled “The Dayton Accords and Instability Within Bosnia and Herzegovina.” Her application was supported by Dr. Sarah Mattice.