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Giving to the Library & Student Scholarships: Dr. Carolyn Williams Student Assistant Award - Past Winners

Award Winners

Spring 2023:  Cierra Marshall

I am Cierra Marshall, and I will be graduating from UNF with a bachelor’s degree in American Sign Language/English Interpreting with a concentration in Community interpreting in Spring 2024. My goal after graduating is to interpret for the Deaf community in Jacksonville and St. Augustine, Florida. I have worked at the Thomas G. Carpenter Library for about 2 years as a Library Student Assistant. I enjoy assisting students, patrons, faculty, and everyone in between with anything they may need. I have developed many connections with my co-workers and have been supported in every possible way while working here.

Fall 2022: Camilla Ursini

I am Camilla Ursini, and I am graduating in Summer 2023 with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and as a Pre- Dental student. I am an international student from Brazil and traveling and getting to know different places and cultures is one of my favorite things to do, so coming to the United States for school has allowed me to pursue my career life while doing what I love the most.  I have worked at the library as an Access services Student Assistant for almost 2 years now, and I love taking part in what makes the Thomas G. Carpenter Library such a unique and welcoming place for all students and patrons.


Spring 2022: Alexis Corbin

I am Alexis Corbin and during my time at UNF, I majored in Business Management with a minor in International Business and worked at the UNF Library for almost 3 years as a Student Assistant in Periodicals and Media, along with Access Services. Notably, I am from the island of Barbados and it was truly life-changing to experience another culture whilst sharing aspects of my own and meeting new people. Some of my hobbies are watching anime, traveling, and spending quality time with loved ones. After graduating I intend to work for a year, then go to graduate school to attain my MBA.



Spring 2022: Lynne Hemmingway Lynne Hemmingway

My name is Lynne Hemmingway and I am a double-major in history and Spanish. The library has played a large role in my undergraduate education, especially since I have worked in Special Collections beginning in the first semester of my freshman year. UNF's Special Collections houses useful collections related to local history that I have used to write research papers on Jacksonville's history. Special Collections has also allowed me to gain experience in a field that allows me to apply my training in history that I have helped to process. I look forward to knowing that researchers will be able to use and learn from archival collections. Everyone at the Thomas G. Carpenter Library has been very supportive of me through encouragement, advice, and funding like this scholarship. After my graduation in Spring 2022, I plan to go to graduate school and work in archives.



Fall 2021: Katheen Turner 

My name is Kathleen Turner and I have been a student assistant for UNF’s Special Collections and University Archives at the UNF library for more than 2 years now. I have thoroughly enjoyed immersing myself in the history of UNF and learning more about local Jacksonville history during my time at Special Collections. I look forward to the rest of my time in Special Collections, where I will continue to help with archival projects and gain a deeper appreciation for archiving and organization. I am currently a senior and will be graduating with my Bachelor of Science in Nursing in July 2022. One plan I have is to become a nurse after graduation and then go back to school to get a Master’s degree in Public Health to help diminish disparities in health education. Another possible plan is to get a degree in library sciences and build upon my health knowledge to become a medical archivist/librarian.  


Spring 2021: Brooke GolzbeinBrooke Golzbein

My name is Brooke Golzbein and I have been a student assistant at the UNF Carpenter Library for 2 and a half years. I have enjoyed being a part of the library family and getting to help students find the resources they need. I love helping people and am glad I was able to give my service to the library for so long. I am a senior and will be graduating Spring 2021 with a Bachelor’s of Social Work. I have plans of attending UNF for the Master’s of Social Work Program starting in the summer. I have been offered a position at Jewish Family and Community Services as a Family Service Counselor where I will be a case manager assisting child dependency cases. 

Spring 2021: Zuri MoultrieZuri

My name is Zuri Moultrie, and I have worked at the library for two years. I enjoy providing for other students and making the library a welcoming environment for our patrons by providing equipment, offering information, and recently, by ensuring COVID guidelines are followed at the library. I have also enjoyed making meaningful connections amongst my fellow workers. I am so grateful to have this time working at the library. In Spring 2021, I will graduate with a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in photography. Along with being a photographer, I hope to become a cinematographer. 

Spring 2020:  Shereen Rad

I am graduating in the Spring of 2021 and am majoring in Biology with a concentration in Biomedical Sciences. I enjoy reading, listening to podcasts, traveling and working out at the gym. I've worked in the library for two and a half years now, and I've enjoyed working with students and helping them find the support and assistance they need for their academic journey. I've also enjoyed meeting people and offering ideas to reach out to students, while providing an enjoyable and fun environment in the work space by initiating an interactive board in the research offices, doing government documents, training new students and attending database training sessions with feedback.


Gia Medell on an alligator Fall 2019: Giannina Medell

When Gia was asked how she provides quality service to library users, she replied, “Working at the Research Help Desk is one of the best parts about my job. The ability to help students or faculty struggling to find useful resources is a privilege that working at the library provides. Frequently, students will walk up in distress about a research paper; once I guide them through our library resources, they feel at ease having found the necessary information. I also try to be aware of events going on in the library so as to assist library staff in preparations whenever possible.”

She also shared the following about presenting a favorable image of the library to its users, “I have been lucky to help lead numerous tours for parents and students and work at various library events such as Market Day. I always give examples of the library’s resources and services that have made my time at UNF less stressful and I make sure to encourage students to take advantage of these. Whether I’m working at a service desk or an event, I’m very personable with students, parents, faculty, and staff!”


Fall 2018:  Allison Mason

When asked of Allison how she presents a favorable image of the library to its users, she replied, “The Special Collections department plays a unique role within the library, in that it serves a variety of both internal and external audiences--students with whom it seeks to familiarize with its collections and services, local historical researchers to whom it provides relevant researchable material, and donors to whom it provides a safe place to give their collections. I have worked hard to keep each of these audiences in mind as I process this collection, to help ensure that any interaction they may have with its materials, or me, proves to be worthwhile. Some ways that I have sought to do this include:

-Selecting important collection highlights for display and digitization, to provide a helpful introduction to what it contains to any interested users

-Considering which student majors and what types of researchers may find this collection of interest to their work, and taking their potential research interests into account in regards to how collection materials are arranged--for instance, making sure business, medicine, marketing, non-profit management, health care, and city and local history materials are accurately arranged and highlighted

-Taking care with all of my interactions--both face to face and remote--with Florida Blue employees, to make sure they always have a positive and helpful experience, and to help make sure they feel their collection is in good hands

By following the above steps, along with ensuring all of my work is thorough and accurate, I hope that I have assisted in creating and contributing to a positive image of our Special Collections department, and that those who access this collection come away having had a worthwhile experience, because they were easily able to find what they were looking for.”

Spring 2018:  Rebecca Corvil

Spring 2018 co-winner, Rebecca Corvil shared these answers on her application for the Carolyn Williams Award:

How have you provided quality services to library users and/or staff?   "I am not only blessed but incredibly honored to have the job I have at Tommy G's. It is clear whenever I talk to professors, alumni, current students, or event staff and faculty at the library, there is a reverence for the UNF library on this campus. Therefore, with each task, I try my very best to complete it with excellence. I believe I have a servant's heart so whenever I am given the opportunity to help, staff or patrons, I am always willing to jump in with a smile on my face."

What have you done to present a favorable image of the library to its users?  "Being a student assistant at the library is like being a bridge between students on campus and the staff I work with. I try to always remind myself that although I am a student, this is my job and I will not do wrong by the people who have entrusted me with the title. I believe the Library prides itself on efficiency, diligence, and care. When I come into work or even to study, I remind myself and others around me that this facility is a unique treasure on campus and it will be treated as such."


Spring 2018:  Joshua Newman

Joshua shared with us what he has done to present a favorable image of the library to its users, "Representing the library happens more than just while I'm on desk. It also includes being courteous when I'm shelving books so as not to disturb those who are studying or helping those that look like they could use it even when I'm not on the clock. The library is here to help people in whatever their endeavors and so the best way to promote that image is to be myself helpful at any time regardless of what I'm doing at the moment."


Fall 2017:  Alexandra Herrmann-Fehr

‚ÄčWe received many excellent applications for the Fall 2017 Carolyn Williams Award. After reviewing the applications the committee had a difficult decision to make and Alexandra Herrmann-Fehr was selected as the winner.  Congratulations Alexandra!

Alexandra has been invited to attend the next Dean’s Leadership Council Business Meeting on February 9th. There, she can enjoy lunch, experience the meeting program, accept her certificate, and have her photograph taken with the Council.

When asked about her accomplishments as a student employee and how those, in turn, assist the Library’s mission to support the educational goals of our University, Alexandra answered, “As a student employee, I have the opportunity to understand both sides of the library. I am able to support the University's educational goals by bringing together my knowledge of the library, and my knowledge of what it's like to be a student. By doing this, I am better able to assist patrons. I understand how stressful it can be trying to find the resources necessary for coursework assignments, so when I see a student struggling to find what they need I can sympathize with them. This inspires me to go above and beyond to help them with whatever they may need.”


Spring 2017:  Ashley Stevens

Ashley on how her accomplishments as an employee support the Library's mission to support the educational goals of the University:

"...Being a student here, I know what its like to be in a frantic state for books in order to write a research paper or have an assignment due and can't figure out how to print.  I feel compelled to help our patrons in need no matter what the question is...Educational success is my number one goal and that really helps me when I am answering a patrons questions...It warms my heart to know that I have been able to help so many people succeed in their classes and in their life."



Spring 2017:  Erin Bisesti

Erin on how her service in the Carpenter Library affected her University experience:

"Working at the Library has given me new perspective of the student body, and of myself.  Every day that I sit at the front desk I am reminded of the diversity that is UNF.  As a student, I often just saw myself as part of the cloud or another person filling up a desk, and I forgot we are all individuals with special interests and personalities.  When I first started attending UNF I was very shy and very nervous, never sure where I fit in.  I was very anxious about working the front desk, more content to stay behind the scenes and shelve.  After over a year of service here, my vantage point has changed entirely. ...I'm more outgoing, more enthusiastic, and more confident and I can tell that the patrons I interact with respond well to me. They give me so much life.."


Fall 2016:  Daniel Boyko

How has your service in the library affected your university experience?  "Since I began working at the Library it has become a home away from home. The faculty and staff are extremely helpful and always remind me to put school first. The flexibility to choose my own schedule has been one of the greatest assets to my collegiate career which really gives me the peace of mind to know that at the end of the day I can pay the bills while attending school, which really helps me focus on my coursework. The student staff have all become an incredible support group during tough times both in and out of work. We have all built great friendships that transpire through work and into home life during breaks from school and work. The study-focused community of the Library has allowed me to see many styles of studying and adopt study habits to implement in different environments like group or individual study sessions. Through learning how to assist patrons in finding information I have gained an invaluable ability to research information for my own classes and research. My service at the Library has given me important life skills I can implement in every aspect of my life, through research and study habits to financial stability and emotional support, with friendships I see lasting a very long time. My attitude towards my university experience has become one of attendance at a university to a belonging in a community."

Fall 2016:  Maria Gonzalez

What does library service mean to you?  "In Venezuela, in my High School, we didn't have a library. We studied and investigated at home with not many resources. At UNF since my Freshman year I have used the library extensively and I call it the house of knowledge when I refer to it. Furthermore, working here and helping fellow students gives me great satisfaction beyond the fact that it is not only a place with an immense number of books and information resources, but "THE PLACE" were the student body not only find the information needed for a research, investigation, pleasure reading, but the place where one develops methodology while studying in an environment the invites one to concentrate, meditate and get the knowledge sunk in the brain."