Dean's Leadership Council

Dean’s Leadership Council History

In addition to currently serving community members, we present the roster of those who have served the Council in its history.

***Last Updated - April 17, 2023

David Anderson, Attorney, 2008-10

Phyllis Andruszkiewicz, Retired, 2017-18

Bonnie Arnold, Bonnie’s Floral Designs, 2009-10

Telis Assimenios Tom Bush Family of Dealerships, 2009-13

Gene Atwood, Attorney, 2013-14

Bridget Booth, Retired, 2014-15

Marinda Bottoms, Deutsche Bank, 2018-2019

Sarah Mikel Bermudez, Workscapes, 2010-12

Peter Carr, Morgan Stanley, 2012-14

Ron Chamblin, Chamblin Bookmine, 2007-10

KK Cherney, Chet’s Creek Elementary, 2008-11, 2017 – 2019

Tom Cook, Atlantic Imaging, 2017-2019

Carol Copeland, Florida Times Union, 2009-11

Ellin Cottrill, River City Contractors, 2018-2019

Richard Crawford, Black Diamond Performance Reporting, 2010-11

Lisa Dais, Analytics Partners, 2014-2019

Jack Diamond, Retired Rink Design, 2009-10

Teresa Durand, Stuebben Architecture, 2008-9

Sharon Friedes, Florida Times Union, 2011-12

Sharon Goldman, Sharon Goldman Fine Art, 2017-2019

Randy Goodwin, PRI Productions, 2008-9

Jeff Graf, Retired, Banking & Real Estate, 2018-22

Chris Haley, Black Diamond Performance Reporting, 2009-10

Andrea Hoffman, Retired, 2011-13

Pamela Ingram, Retired UNF Professor of English, 2008-10

Bill Kilma, Coach, 2011-13

Audrey Lacke, Watson Realty Corp, 2010-13

Sovern “Jack” Larkins, 2008

Daniel Locke, Locke Roofing & Construction, 2013-16

Robert Maupin, Edward Jones, 2011-12

Kathy McHugh, Grant Specialist, 2007

James Mittelstadt, M.D., 2007-9

Jen Jones Murray, 2008-17, 2019

Karen Nutter, Life Coaching by Karen, 2013-15

Anthony Ottrando, Harbinger Signs, 2010-11

Janet D. Owen, UNF, 2008-10

Janet G. Owens, LISC, 2008-10

Rosalyn Mixon-Phillips, City of Jacksonville, 2009-10

Stacie Perron-Smith, SPS Coaching, 2018-2019

Ken Pinnix, City of Jacksonville, 2009-10

Jennifer Plotkin, TD Bank, 2011-16

Diane Pullin, Diversified Business & Tax Services, 2008-16

Shirley Leckie Reed, Professor Emerita UCF, 2012-14

Tom Reynolds, DCoop Design, 2008-11

James Richardson, City of Jacksonville, 2009-10

Margie Seaman, Seaman Realty, 2017-18

Kim Shane, Jones Lang LaSalle, 2017-2019

Richard Skinner, Skinner Architects, 2008-10

Linda L. Smith, TGCL, 2007

Paula Suhey, Writer, 2008-9

Leigh-Ann Sullivan, LA Sullivan Photography, 2017-18

Frank Vastola, Steelcase, 2016-2020

Tara Wildes, Office of the Sheriff, 2009-10

Michael Wiley, UNF Professor and Writer, 2012-13

Carolyn Williams, UNF Professor of History, 2007-10

Patrick Williams, Workplace Resource, 2012

Jennifer Wolfe, Women Writing for (a) Change, 2017-2020

Chrys Yates, Mayo Clinic, 2008-9