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The library offers varied education and instructional opportunities for both students & faculty.


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As a part of its commitment to serving the university community’s research needs, the library’s Research & Instruction Department offers many opportunities for its constituents to learn more about the library and its resources. Library instruction is offered via classroom instruction, class lectures, individual instruction, and workshops and is completely customizable based on individual needs. Library users who wish to learn even more about the library and how to do research can sign up for the one credit course, LIS 1001, offered Fall & Spring, on campus or online.

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Library Orientations & Instruction Sessions

The majority of library instruction takes place in the library, but librarians are happy to visit your classroom instead.  In the library classrooms, students can experience hands-on training with the library's numerous electronic resources and collections. Faculty who wish to arrange an in-library session are encouraged to schedule at least one week in advance:


Faculty Request for Library Class Instruction


In-library orientations are typically tailored to class needs and cover research tools specific to the subject being taught. For example, an engineering class orientation would cover the library catalog/OneSearch and other electronic resources such as the Engineering Research database or the IEEE Xplore Digital Library, in addition to research strategies that are of particular usefulness to engineering majors. Instruction librarians welcome faculty involvement and will work closely with you to provide an experience tailored to students' needs.

Instruction sessions are held on the 2nd floor of the library in one or both of the library’s training rooms, 2102A and 2102B. Each room can accommodate up to 40 students and can be combined to provide training for up to 80 students.

What's typically included?

  1. Library website overview
  2. How to contact the library for follow up questions
  3. Library catalog search techniques
  4. Subject database recommendations and search techniques
  5. Tips on choosing appropriate sources (magazines vs. journals, etc.)
  6. RefWorks overview

How much time is involved?

Sessions can run anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on available class time and the type and level of instruction needed. 

What Can Faculty do to make this most meaningful to their students?

  1. Provide a full description of the type of research students will be doing.  Instructions for an assignment are very helpful.
  2. Coordinate the instruction to coincide with a research project that will require that students use library resources.
  3. Attend the session with the students to help reinforce the importance of the session and to drive home points made by the librarian.
  4. Provide the instruction librarian with feedback to help us improve what we do.

Open Tours

Open tours are designed to provide new library users with a basic orientation to library facilities and services. An open or general tour typically consists of a walking tour of the building.  Large groups may be broken up as needed.  Some groups may also request instruction in the library's collections and research tools.  

Available by request throughout the semester, Open Tours are typically scheduled by the Outreach Librarians in the Research & Instruction Department. Open Tours are ideal for students who are new to the library or who are returning to school after an absence and want to refresh themselves on services and location of materials. They are also ideal for area high school students who have access to special borrowing privileges through their accelerated academic programs.

LIS 1001

First offered in Fall 1995, LIS1001, Beginning Library and Information Systems Strategies is a one credit, semester long course that investigates research strategies and provides hands-on instruction in the efficient use of library resources. Designed with beginning freshmen in mind, LIS1001 covers both traditional print sources and electronic resources common to university libraries. Although offered at the 1000 level, students at all levels enroll in the course, including the occasional grad student. For more information on LIS1001, contact the head of library instruction, Lauren Newton.

Instruction Librarians

Lauren Newton
(904) 620-1531

Maria Atilano
(904) 620-1564

Daniel Feinberg
(904) 620-5238

Sarah Moukhliss
(904) 620-5103

Research Consultations

Individuals or small groups who need one-on-one assistance with research and library resources are encouraged to schedule an appointment with a librarian.  Individual research consultations may consist of a general orientation to library facilities and resources, or may focus on specific research needs that will assist the user in completing course assignments or projects.

Class Lecture

When class size is prohibitively large as to make an in-library orientation impractical, Instruction Librarians can provide classroom lectures that provide an overview of library facilities and services. Faculty are usually more involved in this type of presentation and may coordinate the lecture with an Instruction Librarian to include subject-specific content and assignments. Faculty members who wish to follow the class lecture with in-library training, upon arrangement with a Instruction Librarian, may divide large classes into smaller groups and schedule follow-up instructional sessions in the library.


Library Instruction for Entire Class


Research & Instruction Librarians periodically offer workshops on new library resources and refresher workshops on existing library resources. Workshops may be open to the public or may be directed to particular user groups. In the past, the library has conducted workshops for specific UNF colleges to acquaint faculty with electronic resources available for their disciplines and has offered training in citation management tools like RefWorks. The Research & Instruction Department welcomes suggestions for future workshop offerings.  See our schedule of upcoming workshops below.

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