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OER Student Advocacy

Welcome to OER and student advocacy! The UNF Library is committed to promoting awareness and educating others on the adoption of OER on our campus. We understand that the cost of an education continues to rise and that there are barriers to paying for a quality education. Purchasing textbooks for your classes can add up quickly. This is why we provide resources to better serve faculty as they consider using OER in their courses. Also, it is important to point out that OER advocacy and its scope goes beyond the cost of textbooks. Explore the infographic posted below for examples.

 As students, your voice is important in this cause. Take a look at the CCOER or Community College Consortium's Student Impact Stories for inspiration. See how you can get involved with OER and OER advocacy! Take time to explore the advocacy resources located within the following tabs: OER in Universities in Florida, Readings on OER, Open Education Guides, and Videos on OER. Reach out to your UNF librarians if you have ideas or questions when advocating for OER materials.

An infographic of how OER impacts society


Infographic Transcript: When faculty, instructors, students, and society share OER materials it leads to: increasing access, lowering costs, finding free supplements, personalizing content, joining a community, learning, gaining recognition, transforming, supporting underserved populations, benefiting from others' expertise, updating materials, collaborating, revolutionizing practices, adapting to standards, harnessing student interest, expanding impact, globalizing classrooms, gaining recognition, democratizing education, recycling materials, encouraging growth, and inspiring others. 



Open Education Resources 

Curated by the Florida Department of Education


Guide for the open and affordable learning community of Florida, OPEN FL.

2018 Student Textbook Survey

Distributed  by the Florida Virtual Campus


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BCcampus OER Student Toolkit

This open toolkit gives students information on how they can advocate for OER materials

Fixing the Broken Textbook Market: How Students Respond to Hight Textbook Costs and Demand Alternatives

A textbook study published by Student PIRGs.

Making Textbooks Affordable: Student Government Toolkit

A Student Government Toolkit published by the Student Government Resource Center

Manifesto for OER: Open Education Resources for All

Textbook Affordability Student Toolkit by Open Oregon Educational Resources

Open Educational Resources (OER) Guide for Students in Post-Secondary and Higher Education

This guide is aimed at helping you, as students, to explore the value of good quality OER, and provides an introduction on how to find and use OER. It intends to serve primarily as a source of reference for students in the Small States of the Commonwealth, but we hope it will be useful to students from any country.


The Power of Student Voice in the Open Education Movement

#OpenEd20: Presentation at the 2020 Open Education Conference (#OpenEd20) by Mo Nyamweya, Hailey Babb, Winni Zhang. More information at: https://sched.co/fCoa

Students and OER Advocacy

Open Education Global 2020

Wiki Knights Asked UCF Students About Textbooks. Here's What They Said:



Katie Gosa with TEDxUTA