LIS1001: Resource Types

Comparison of resource types with an emphasis on explaining each type, how they differ, and how they can be used for research.

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This guide is meant to introduce you to several different types of resources and help you decide which might be the best resource type for you to use for your information or research need. The UNF Library collects each one of these material types in both printed and electronic format. Many times it is easier to tell the difference between the resource types when you have a printed version, but it is not as easy to tell the difference when you are looking at resources electronically through our databases and online. By understanding the inherent differences in the intended audience, the typical author, and a myriad of other factors, you will find it easier to make the correct identification. Most of our databases are also helpful in identifying what type of resource your information comes from.

Outside view of UNF libraryTable of Contents

Scholarly Sources

Academic/Scholarly Journals

Popular Sources

Consumer Magazines

Trade Publications


Other Sources



Thanks to Jim Alderman, University Librarian Emeritus, for the readings found on this guide. The readings have been edited and reformatted. To view the original versions, please see UNF Digital Commons.