HIS 3051 - Craft of the Historian

Find articles in scholarly journals written by historians.

What's a scholarly journal?

Journal of Refugee Studies

Articles in scholarly journals are written for and by experts in their chosen field and focus on a particular research interest, such as experimental psychology or aerodynamics. Scholarly journals are published in every academic discipline and are used as a means for scholars and researchers to share their research and discoveries with others who are also experts in their discipline. - Jim Alderman, UNF Library emeritus

Finding Scholarly Articles

Use library research databases to find articles in scholarly journals.  Select the Print Indexes tab for indexes/abstracts that cover longer time periods than the online databases.

Print Indexes in the Library

These print index/abstracts cover a longer time span than most of the electronic indexes.

An index is simply a list (by subject/alphabet) of basic information about articles found in magazines, journals, books, newspapers, etc. The information will include the article title, author, publication title, month/volume, day, page number, etc. That's called a citation.

An abstract is exactly the same except that there is a short paragraph describing each article -- a summary.

Once you have the citation, you'll use the library catalog to see if UNF has the journal, book, etc.

  • Combined Retrospective Index to Journals in History 1838 -1974, call number D1 .C18 Index/Abstract Collection - 3nd floor

This multi-volume set covers all history subjects. Select your category and scan the alphabetical index. The year, volume and page numbers are immediately evident. The journals are listed by code number. The journal codes are found on the front and back inside covers. Use the UNF catalog to see if the Library has the journal and the year you need.

  • International Index: A guide to Periodical Literature in the Social Sciences and Humanities 1907 - 1974, call number AI3 .R49 Index/Abstract Collection, 3rd floor.

Authors and subjects are arranged in one alphabet. The list of journals indexed is listed on the inside front cover. Use the UNF catalog to see if the Library has the journal and the year you need.

  • Writings on American History 1902 - 1989, call number E171 .W7, Index/Abstract Collection, 3rd floor.

Use the Table of Contents to find your subject area. Use the Contents to find the page of Serials Cited to find the list of journals indexed. Use the UNF catalog to see if the Library has the journal and the year you need.

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