Article Types: What's the Difference Between Newspapers, Magazines, and Journals?

Characteristics of a Newsletter Article

Newsletter Article Characteristics

Authors: Authors may not be listed at all. Articles are typically brief and frequently consist of announcements of upcoming events or brief news items of interest to members of an association or society or club.

Frequency: Frequency of publication might be regular or might be sporadic. Some newsletters might be issued only as needed, that is when news affecting or of interest to members becomes available.

Brevity: Articles are typically very brief, usually consisting of a few paragraphs each.

Subject Focus: Newsletters typically focus on topics that are very specific to a particular organization or club. News items might include announcements of training opportunities or upcoming conferences, updates on legislative initiatives, and even personal notices about members of the organization that publishes the newsletter.

Overall Appearance: Newsletters might be simply word-processed documents or they might be glossy, professionally published materials. Generally speaking, they are fairly plain looking publications.