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About the Library

Thomas G. Carpenter Library Strategic Plan 2022- 2027

The faculty and staff of the Thomas G. Carpenter Library at the University of North Florida started a strategic planning process just before the March 2020 shutdown of the campus. This process was completed in 2022 and resulted in creation of the following mission and vision statements and a set of 5 priorities. The first 3 priorities focus on our role supporting student and faculty academic success at UNF. The final 2 priorities are internally focused dealing with improvements to the functions and operations of the Carpenter Library itself.



Through proactive engagement in teaching & learning, research & scholarship, the Carpenter Library plays a key leadership role in the academic success of the UNF community.



The Carpenter Library is the collaborative hub of the university through the advancement of diverse and innovative educational, scholarly, and creative endeavors.



Priority 1: Support and Enhance Teaching and Learning
  1. Develop and deliver innovative research and instructional services.

  2. Provide effective tools, resources, and spaces.

  3. Leverage the most up-to-date pedagogies and instructional technologies.


Priority 2: Advance Scholarly Research and Creative Activities

  1. Deliver expert guidance and resources.

  2. Assist and guide research efforts.

  3. Support and enhance Library technology.

  4. Track publishing and research efforts of the university.


Priority 3: Build Relationships with the University’s Local and Global Communities

  1. Increase awareness and use of the library’s services and diverse collections.

  2. Develop and promote relationships with student support services.

  3. Encourage partnerships with the Northeast Florida community.


Priority 4: Advance the Library’s Effectiveness & Efficiency

  1. Develop and enhance assessment tools.

  2. Assess workflows, technologies, and other operations continually.

  3. Anticipate and adapt to changing trends.


Priority 5: Promote Workforce Development

  1. Recruit and retain a talented and diverse library workforce.

  2. Encourage mentoring and professional development.

  3. Advance librarianship through research and scholarship.