Conducting a Literature Review

Summary of the Process

The following summarizes the steps in conducting a literature review:

  1. Identify appropriate library databases for conducting the research. This might begin with the library discovery tool, OneSearch.
  2. Identify relevant search terms for use in conducting a database search.
  3. Review initial search results, review article abstracts, and revise search strategy and terms accordingly.
  4. Look for key concepts that appear in the literature and identify significant authors who are frequently cited in the literature.
  5. Conduct a new search for materials by the key authors identified in the previous step.
  6. Locate the materials revealed by the literature review and read and digest.
  7. Construct a written overview of the major concepts revealed by a thorough reading of the literature. How does this material relate to the current study?
  8. Once the original research is completed, do a follow-up review of the literature to determine if there is anything significant that should also be included.

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