Jacksonville History Consortium

About the Partnership

In 2003, the Jacksonville History Consortium resulted from an assessment of Jacksonville’s many diverse and geographically dispersed historical organizations. Harry Reagan and Emily Lisska (then Board President and Executive Director, respectively, of the Jacksonville Historical Society), recognized that local history institutions would benefit from stronger connections among themselves and with the larger Jacksonville community.  


Since then, interest and participation in the Consortium has ebbed and flowed, but today, it’s stronger than ever. When the UNF Library learned of the Consortium’s community-based initiative, we saw it as an opportunity to join in and help provide leadership in bringing greater awareness to the history collections in the entire Jacksonville region. To accomplish this, the Library used a data visualization tool called Tableau to create a robust, interactive database. Sharing the history of Jacksonville hasn’t stopped there. The UNF / Consortium team continues to look for opportunities to connect folks with Jacksonville’s history.

This website, and the companion brochure, demonstrate the Consortium’s vibrant spirit of collaboration, and its purpose of sharing information among member organizations and with Jacksonville’s citizens and visitors. The Consortium is a model for local history practices in a large, diverse community.

The information tabs above represent most of the organizations involved in presenting and preserving Jacksonville's history. They exist to help you locate what you want to learn. The tabs will allow the user to view the following information:

  • Members’ Map of organizations listing the members’ names and showing their locations on a map. Each location icon allows the user to access a Google map of the organizations’ location as well as the organizations website.
  • Archival Information of historical organizations that maintain archives. This allows the user to sort by details in the following categories:
    • Library / Archival Content
    • Museum Materials
    • Topics
    • Time Period
    • Geographic Area

Enjoy exploring Jacksonville’s complex and fascinating past, which helps us understand its present and imagine the future!

To learn more about the consortium and their members, visit their new sister site here: Access JHC Site