ICSD Support

Along with a help manual, Fiz-Karlsruhe provides context-sensitive support for ICSD, with "Get Help" icons on the search and display screens. As you mouse over the search fields, you will also see hints on how to format your search. 

The Inorganic Crystal Structure Database (ICSD) is a database of the crystal structures of inorganic substances, including pure elements, metals, minerals, and other purely inorganic substances.  No organic or organometallic substances appear: data for these types of molecules can be found in the Cambridge Structural Database.  It contains about 185,000 structures with 6,000 added annually. Each record includes crystallographic data as well as chemical/physical property data and bibliographic information for the journal article referencing the structure.

Only 4 simultaneous logins allowed. Use one of the following username/passwords:

User 1) AVV9002005/icsd45
User 2) AVV9002006/icsd46
User 3) AVV9002007/icsd47
User 4) AVV9002008/icsd48

ICSD Screenshot