HUN 3800 Nutrition Science Research and Ethics


                Currency Relevance Authority Accuracy Purpose

Infographic Transcript for What is CRAAP?
Currency- When was the information published or last updated? Relevance- What is the depth/coverage of info? Who is the intended audience? How well does the source answer your questions? Authority- Who wrote the information? What are their credentials? Are they affiliated with a company? A non-profit? A university? Look for a Contact Us or About Us page.  Accuracy- Are there any citations? Do the links work? Where are the links going? Can you verify the information elsewhere? Purpose- Does the website aim to teach? Inform? Sell? Entertain? Persuade? Is it .gov? .edu? .com?

Reading a Scholarly Article

Watch this video to learn strategies for evaluating scholarly articles for your own research needs.

How to Read a Scholarly Article

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