Art in the Library

These pieces are on display within Special Collections

Three-dimensional works


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Pot with Carved Figure by Charles M. Brown
Pot with Carved Figures
Charles M. Brown

Raku fired clay
Gift of the Ibach Family
Redemption by Tiffany Leach.  Bird-like vessel pottery.
Tiffany Leach

Double-walled ceramic vessel
Gift of the Artist
Condiment Stack (Creamer, Sugar, Pepper and Salt) by Stephen Heywood
Condiment Stack
(Creamer, Sugar, Pepper and Salt)
Stephen Heywood

Soda fired stoneware
Gift of the Artist
Hand-built Raku Vessel by Vina Schemer
Hand-built Raku Vessel
Vina Schemer

Raku pottery
Gift of Pat Vail
Jazz Crooner by Cookie Davis
Jazz Crooner
Cookie Davis

Unglazed red clay
Gift of the Ibach Family
sculpture by Nofa Dixon
Patagonian Harpist
Nofa Dixon

Mixed media sculpture
Gift of the Artist
Tapestry Form No. 312 by Nofa Dixon
Tapestry Form No. 312
Nofa Dixon

Clay, glazes, and mixed media
Raku pottery
Gift of the Artist
Pottery by Stephen Heywood
Work from Mid-Century Modern Collection
Stephen Heywood

Gift of Phyllis Andruszkiewicz
Florida Hotel by Marilyn Taylor
Florida Hotel
Marilyn Taylor

Hand-built and painted ceramic sculpture
Gift of Pat Vail

Two-dimensional works






Cardinal on Branch
M. Lee Adams

Gift of Blair Woolverton

The Rehearsal by Louise Freshman Brown

The Rehearsal
Louise Freshman Brown
Acrylic on Masonite
Gift of the Artist