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OLLI Membership Information

OLLI offers those age 50 and better more than 300 enrichment opportunities annually, in a climate fostering friendship and the mutual sharing of ideas and life experiences. 

Membership is $50 per person and is renewable annually based on the date you joined. Click here to join. Courses are priced based on their length and frequency, usually between $10 and $40 each. Some events, including the Art in the Library Tour, are free to members, while others require a small fee. Perks of membership include access to the UNF Library as well as other amenities and discounts. 

OLLI is a member-centered, member-led program. Members decide which programs to offer and when to offer them. Members plan and host social events. Members lead the organization by serving on its leadership council and its teams. Members decide just about everything related to THEIR OLLI. Click here to join UNF OLLI's vibrant community of learners.

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