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Thomas G. Carpenter Library’s Strategic Six-Year Plan, 2017 – 2023


The Carpenter Library supports the educational goals of the University of North Florida by providing information resources, services, and programs that encourage study and learning, support instruction and academic programs, facilitate research and scholarship, and engage the university-at-large and the broader communities we serve.



The Carpenter Library aspires to be the intellectual center of its community, to foster innovations that lead to the discovery of knowledge, and to further the research and scholarly endeavors of its users.


Core Values

The following values serve as our primary guiding principles:








We intend to accomplish our mission through five goals that are characterized by a commitment to excellence, relevance to the diverse needs and expectations of our constituents, and accountability for ongoing assessment and improvement. The five library-wide goals and corresponding strategies for achieving those goals are listed in this document. The Administrative, Public Services, and Systems/Technical Services Divisions will each develop corresponding action items and metrics that state how the strategies will be met and measured.  The Carpenter Library Strategic Plan in aligned with the UNF Six-Year Strategic Plan.


Advance students’ educational experiences.

Support academic programs. 

Support faculty with their teaching and research.

Perform effectively as a library organization.

Support outreach and partnerships.



     a.  Increase awareness of library programming, resources, and services to help students learn, succeed, and graduate on-time.

     b.  Actively communicate with faculty about library programming, resources and services in support of their teaching and research needs.

     c.   Seek innovative approaches to actively engage and serve the Jacksonville community.

     d.   Use integrated communication and branding strategies to promote the value of the library to its different constituencies.

     e.   Explore collaborative partnerships and funding for library projects.