POS 3733 - Research Design for Political Scientists

Choosing a Topic and Creating a Good Search Strategy

Here are a couple of videos* on how to choose a good topic (if you have that option) and how to break down your research question into manageable bits and develop a search strategy.  The first video below also includes a demonstration of some of the things you might do to help choose and refine a research topic.  The second video is a narrated PowerPoint presentation.  Feel free to view it as it contains commentary and explanation.  On the other hand, it's detailed enough that you could download the static file (also below) and go through it on your own.

*These videos were originally created for the online section of LIS 1001 so you may hear references to past assignments or other videos.  There is no need to see/hear prior videos to find these 2 useful.  :-)

Video Demo - Choosing a Topic

Breaking Down a Search Strategy