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What is SelectedWorks?

SelectedWorks provides faculty with clean, elegantly designed, scholarly publication pages. Sites are designed to match the look and feel of the University's web presence.

A SelectedWorks site will enhance the discoverability of your projects, presentations, and publications, whether they are deposited in the UNF Digital Commons repository or are available via a link to a third-party site.  With UNF credentials, you may begin a site on your own or we can establish the site for you, beginning with basic information from your CV.  A SelectedWorks site may be as brief or as thorough as you wish.   For instance, one may choose to include all readily accessible online publications, only those materials that have been deposited in the UNF Digital Commons repository, just citations, or use a combination of approaches.  You may update and edit the site yourself at any time or submit updates to us.

The default document types are:

  • Articles
  • Books
  • Contributions to Books
  • Unpublished Papers
  • Popular Press
  • Presentations
  • Other

While all content will be assigned to a document type, one is not limited to the above categories.  Document type headings are customizable.  

To get started or learn more about establishing a SelectedWorks site, please contact the UNF Digital Commons site administrator.

Advantages of SelectedWorks

Why SelectedWorks?
A SelectedWorks site offers tools that allow you to easily manage your work, upload new documents, generate readership reports, and send mailings.  It will also rank higher than a personal web site in Google and other search engine results because sites are aggregated with all bepress content.

Can SelectedWorks be customized?
A SelectedWorks site can be customized in several ways.  You may easily include information such as: your photo, an introductory paragraph (brief bio or personal information), your CV, contact information, honors and awards, areas of expertise, courses taught and links to additional resources.  We recommend that you include a picture, your CV and contact information at minimum.  Please note that layout and design are not presently customizable, only content.

Statistics provided by SelectedWorks
Once content has been posted to your site, you'll be able to see how many times each item has been downloaded and the countries from which readers are discovering your work.  You'll receive monthly auto-generated readership reports via email.  

Other advantages

SelectedWorks sites are transferable to other institutions.  If your new institution also offers SelectedWorks, you may change your SelectedWorks account to reflect the look and feel of your new college or university.  If desired, your site may also remain active without an institutional affiliation.  

In addition, the contributor has the ability to send out announcement emails to a predetermined list or to specific individuals.  Among the mailings lists are a mailing to announce the site, to inform of new content or a blank message option to allow the contributor the option of writing whatever is appropriate.

Finally, SelectedWorks provides the ability to assign editors who would also have the ability to edit the page and upload content.

Digital Commons License Agreement

To place your publications in the UNF Digital Commons, you must sign and return the UNF non-exclusive license agreement.

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