UNF Digital Commons and SelectedWorks

This page contains information that is useful for anyone wanting to contribute to Digital Commons

Who can contribute to the UNF Digital Commons?

The UNF Digital Commons will accept material from any faculty or group that contributes to the scholarly output of the institution.  Therefore, any college, department, center, institute, etc. is eligible to participate.  Each entity will be organized into a series.  Individuals may also participate either through SelectedWorks or as part of a particular series.


The UNF Digital Commons also includes historical and archival material from the UNF archives, the UNF special collections and the northeast Florida community.

Can I post files that are related to the primary work?

Yes, you may submit any digital material that is related to your article/research as an associated file.  This is an advantage of a digital environment over traditional publishing.  However, please note that if specific software is required to view the associated files, UNF Digital Commons does not provide that software. 

Why Contribute to the UNF Digital Commons?


The UNF Digital Commons makes the scholarship of UNF easily available in one location online, enabling increased access to colleagues (both at UNF and beyond), students and the greater internet community.  Works placed in the repository are more easily discovered in common internet search engines as well as other academic search portals.  This greater access makes it easier for researchers around the world to discover your work. In addition, because a permanent URL is established, researches can cite these works without the normal concerns regarding content online disappearing or moving.  The UNF Digital Commons is a valuable way to extend the scholarly output of the University of North Florida to include greater reach and increased circulation not only in Florida, but throughout the country and beyond. This increased visibility, awareness, and stability benefits both content creators and the University of North Florida as well.


Increased visibility: The UNF Digital Commons opens up the accessibility of your content increasing its discoverability and usability by making it available through common online search tools allowing the author to gain wider distribution of their scholarly output.

Permanence: The UNF Digital Commons provides a stable URL to your publications so your research will always be findable.

Archiving: UNF Digital Commons relieves you and/or your department/unit of the need to upgrade digital files to keep up with technology.

E-Publishing: The UNF Digital Commons facilitates creation of electronic journals, newsletters and conferences.

Grant requirements: Submitting your works to the UNF Digital Commons can help meet the criterion of some grants with data-sharing aspects.  An example is those funded by the NIH.

What kind of material can be placed in the UNF Digital Commons?


UNF Digital Commons can accept any material that is in digital form.  A wide range of material can be placed in the commons, including but not limited to text, video, image, and audio files.  If your digital objects consists of multiple files of different formats, it will be placed in the commons as a set (for example: as a PDF file with associated or supplemental files). Examples of material suitable for the UNF Digital Commons repository include but are not limited to:   


  • Archival collections and finding aids
  • Articles and preprints
  • Audio and Video
  • Conference papers, posters, and presentations
  • Datasets
  • Dissertations, theses, practicums, and capstone projects
  • Images
  • Technical reports
  • Software as a .zip file
  • Working papers

While the UNF Digital Commons can accept any digital material, we encourage authors to follow the following recommendations:

Text files  -- provide a PDF (with OCR if possible)

Maps and Photos (image files)

Audio files – provide an MP3

Video files – provide an MPEG2 or 4 or a RealMedia or Quicktime file


Digital Commons License Agreement

To place your publications in the UNF Digital Commons, you must sign and return the UNF non-exclusive license agreement.

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