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Library Impact - By the Numbers

The Thomas G. Carpenter Library is the academic heart of the University, where students connect, explore and take flight through support and tools provided by the Library and its leaders.

Via Digital Commons, our online Library, the entire world is also able to know our Library and access the educational tools, research materials and personal development aids to facilitate whole person growth.


Tommy G's by the Numbers  WOW !


Educating students and supporting faculty research and the community for 45 years

800,000+ visits annually garnering 81%+ student body use, making it one of the most used facilities at UNF

199,000 square feet with 2,000 seats, open 119 hours per week and 24/7 during exam weeks

Aside from interpersonal communications, students receive help via text, cell and email from 44 librarians and staff, answering 16,500+ questions annually

Website receives 10,000+ hits daily for educational use

Free for student use, 289 computers and 72 laptops checked out at least 33,532 times per year

269 online databases accessed more than 1 million times annually

More than 66,592 streaming educational videos, 38,246 e-Journals and 320,534 e-Books used per year

Number 1 public community archive in size in Jacksonville giving 20,000 square feet of storage and free online access to community records via Digital Commons

Digital Commons accessed more than 1 million times from 213 countries annually

Our community’s only “Collection of Artwork Indigenous to Northeast Florida,” the Library boasts 134 original works of fine art

And so much more...

2017 UNF Library Impact via Digital Commons - USERS FROM 213 COUNTRIES