Giving to the Library

Leave a Legacy with a Digital Bookplate

Student and faculty success depends on a wide selection of resources, many of which must be privately funded. The University of North Florida Thomas G. Carpenter Library is no exception and must attract community partners to help fund tools necessary to expand its collections in order to support the growing needs of this academic institution's cutting-edge research library.

Enter in a wonderful and permanent solution to honor those you love while funding the critically needed elements required to maintain the Carpenter Library as a place of transformative student, faculty and community education...the Digital Bookplate!

This time-honored tradition, gone digital, is a unique way to celebrate a loved one for their wedding, birthday, retirement, graduation, Mother’s and Father’s Day and more.  A Digital Bookplate is a unique and meaningful way to recognize a colleague, mentor, parent, grandparent, graduate, advisor, or professor. They are also a lovely way to honor a donors' interests, achievements, or memories.

Digital Bookplates are seen around the world with just the push of a button, easy to share with friends and family and they provide a lasting remembrance of important milestones...

Shown below are the five varieties of Carpenter Library Digital Bookplates available with their corresponding levels of giving:

Bookplate Giving Levels:

I.    Special Price for Graduating UNF Students:  $120

II.   Special Price for Alumni, Faculty, Staff & Parents:  $250

III.  Personalized Bookplate Levels:  $500 - $2,500

IV.  Custom Bookplate:  $10,000

V.   Endowed Legacy Bookplate:  $25,000 

Please help support acquisitions and development of the Library’s collections in order to enhance teaching, learning, and the continued success of students, faculty, and researchers with the purchase of a Digital Bookplate.

Questions & Contact

To make a gift or for questions about giving, please contact Library Dean, Dr. Brent Mai, or Director of Development for Academic Affairs, Lorin Thies.

Gifts can also be made online by clicking here.

Honor a Graduating UNF Student


In honor of graduates, family and friends may make a gift and be included on the virtual Bookplate Donors Gratitude page. 

These donors may write a congratulatory message (up to 75 characters) to be posted acknowledging the graduates' accomplishments and success!

Example:  John Smith ‘15, BA, Biology-we are so proud of your hard work and dedication. Congrats!  Swoop!  Love from Chris, Jan, Bob and Anna.

Honor Alumni, Faculty, Parents, Community Members and more...


Become a Library Osprey at this giving level!  Alumni, faculty, staff, past student workers, parents, community members and others are encouraged to pay tribute to someone special and their name will be permanently displayed on the Bookplate Donors Gratitude page. 

Personalized Bookplates by Level

$500 - $2,500+

Become a White, Blue or Silver Osprey!  At any of the levels below, donors may also select the spirited Osprey design or the traditional Thomas G. Carpenter Library photograph design for a Personalized Digital Bookplate. Your name or honoree will be featured on the virtual bookplate itself. Furthermore, the Blue Library Osprey ($1,000) may have two bookplates and the Silver Library Osprey ($2,500) may have five bookplates, all with different names.

(Gifts above may also be pledged over a five year period. For instance, a $500 White Library Osprey pledge would be $100 per year for five years and the Blue Library Osprey's $1000 pledge may be paid monthly for $84 per month. Flexible scheduled giving is available at all levels.)

White Osprey bookplateA single Personalized Digital Bookplate using the University of North Florida Carpenter Library bookplate will be permanently displayed on the Bookplate Donors Gratitude page.


Option A: “Osprey Design”

Option B: “Thomas G. Carpenter Library Building Design”

Blue Osprey bookplate

At the Blue Osprey level up to two (2) different Personalized Digital Bookplates make be chosen using the University of North Florida Carpenter Library bookplate - for permanent display on the Bookplate Donors Gratitude page.


Option A: “Osprey Design”

Option B: “Thomas G. Carpenter Library Building Design”

Silver Osprey bookplate

At the Silver Osprey level up to five(5) Personalized Digital Bookplates may be chosen using the University of North Florida Carpenter Library bookplate - for permanent display on the Bookplate Donors Gratitude page.


Option A: “Osprey Design”

Option B: “Thomas G. Carpenter Library Building Design”

Custom Bookplate & Endowed Legacy Bookplate


May be amortized over five years with a gift of $2,000 per year.

Imagine the visibility of highlighting your company’s logo on a permanent Digital Bookplate. Or honoring your parents for making a difference in your education with their favorite picture on a bookplate. This custom bookplate is linked to each new purchase made with the gift. A pledge at this level may be fulfilled over five years.  Language on the digital bookplate is personalized at the donor’s request. Each new purchase made with the gift will be directly linked to the custom bookplate. Will be featured permanently on the Bookplate Donors Gratitude page.


May be amortized over five years with a gift of $5,000 per year.

A personalized and customized bookplate will be created using concepts preferred by the donor. A corporate logo, a photo or a drawing may be utilized for the online digital bookplate in “honor of” or in “recognition of” someone special. These endowed legacy bookplates are viewed throughout the world via the internet. Every tool and material purchased through this endowment will continually be added to the Library’s collection for years into the future.The donor’s bookplate is linked to each purchase made and may also be linked to a business or corporate web page.  This endowment will forevermore be featured on the Bookplate Donors Gratitude page.  A pledge at this level may be fulfilled over five years.