Giving to the Library

Dean's Excellence Fund

The Library Dean's Excellence Fund is aptly named because the goal is to provide funding to allow the library to provide excellent service. This fund allows for the Dean's discretion for student outreach events, pilot projects, staff development, and Library enrichment opportunities not funded in the general, annual budget.

Consider supporting the Dean's Excellence Fund at one of the following levels:

White Library Osprey:  $500

Blue Library Osprey:  $1,000

Silver Library Osprey:  $2,500

Gold Library Osprey:  $5,000 +

Some gifts above may be pledged over a five year period.​

GOAL $20,000 annually

Donors can make a one-time, or multi-year commitment (pledge) to support an area of interest for the library. For example, a gift of $5,000 can be paid in one installment or at $1,000 a year for five years. 

Questions & Contact

To make a gift or for questions about giving, please contact Library Dean, Dr. Brent Mai, or Director of Development for Academic Affairs, Lorin Thies.

Gifts can also be made online by clicking here.

Student Outreach Made Possible Through the Dean's Excellence Fund

A Student Favorite - the Library's Annual Haunted Open House!

The Dean's Excellence Fund is utilized to ensure student success through events such as our annual Haunted Open House, a twist on your everyday fall semester open house for students.

The Library is continuously looking for ways to connect with university students and to engage them with Library services, programming, and resources to enrich and support their educational experiences.

The Tommy G’s Haunted Open House puts a fabulous twist on our annual October open house, and is now a tradition with over 1000 students participating.  Our amazing libaran's and staff costumes are always top notch and deliver a lot of fun for everyone throughout the day!

This year our Outreach Librarians, Cat Silvers and Maria Atilano added the Pumpkin Carving Contest, which occurred the day before the Open House during the Market Day at the Student Union. “This outreach event was a great opportunity to connect with students who may not be regular Library users,“ said Cat Silvers. The carved pumpkins were put on display in the Library for voting during the Open House and prizes were awarded to those who carved the winning pumpkins.

The Haunted Open House includes morning donuts, pizza lunch, and an afternoon cookie break. Similar to the WoW Breakfast event, library staff conducted short surveys to assess which students use the Library, how often they use the Library, and what improvements we can make to better meet their needs. The surveys are done on an iPad and take only a few minutes while students are waiting in line. Librarians can use the data to make evidence-based decisions about future library services and programming that better address student needs.

Maria Atilano explained, “Outreach has become an increasingly major priority for libraries across the country and the UNF Library specifically, as we are trying to engage students who need to include the Library as part of their educational experience. These fun and stress-free activities attract students to the Library and once they are here, we can help them with their studies.” Since voting occurred on the Library’s Facebook page, this promoted the library’s social media accounts while encouraging students to connect with the Library online.

Welcome Breakfasts - Fall & Spring Student Outreach Traditions

The library hosts a welcome breakfast to introduce students to the library at the beginning of each semester. In addition to pastries, fruit, and juice, tote bags with packets of information are available. The Library Dean, librarians and staff take time to get acquainted with students and to answer their questions about services. Our goal is to create a comfortable academic environment where students know the Library is their academic home and we are their committed partners in achieving their goals. This and many other important student engagement events are funded through the Dean's Excellence Fund.