The Library of Congress Classification System

Books and journals are arranged on our shelves according to the Library of Congress (LC) classification system. Using this system, each book or journal is assigned an alphanumeric call number based on its subject focus. This call number uniquely identifies the item and places it on our shelves near other material on the same subject.

Use the major classification headings in the next section as a basic guide to browse shelves on the 3rd floor in the Thomas G. Carpenter Library.

To find specific subjects, search OneSeach using Keywords as your search type. Then, identify the call numbers for relevant books from your search and browse for other books near these call numbers.

If you have difficulty locating items on the shelves or have other questions, please ask at the Research Desk.

Major Engineering Classification Headings

GB   Physical geography.
  651 - 2998 Hydrology. Water.
GC   Oceanography.
  1000 - 1581 Marine resources. Marine pollution.
Q   Science (General).
  180 Operations research.
  300 - 390 Artificial intelligence. Information theory.
QA   Mathematics.
  75 - 76 Computer science.
  801 - 939 Analytic mechanics. Fluid mechanics.
QC   Physics.
QD   Chemistry.
QE   Geology.
R   Medicine.
  856 - 857 Biomedical engineering. Electronics. Instrumentation.
  895 - 920 Medical physics. Medical radiology. Nuclear medicine.
T   Technology.
  55.4 - 60.8 Industrial Engineering.
  385 Computer graphics.
TA   Engineering (General). Civil Engineering.
  349 - 359 Mechanics of engineering. Applied mechanics.
  401 - 492 Materials of engineering and construction.
  630 - 820 Structural engineering. Geotechnical engineering.
  1501 - 1820 Applied optics.
TC   Hydraulic engineering.
TD   Environmental engineering.
TE   Highway Engineering. Roads and pavements.
TF   Railroad engineering and operations.
TG   Bridge engineering.
TH   Building construction.
TJ   Mechanical engineering and machinery.
  163 Power resources. Energy conservation.
  210.2 - 225 Robotics. Control engineering.
TK   Electrical engineering. Electronics. Nuclear engineering.
  5101 - 6720 Telecommunications.
  7800 - 8360 Electronics.
  9001 - 9401 Nuclear engineering.
TL   Motor vehicles. Aeronautics. Astronautics.
TN   Mining engineering. Metallurgy.
TP   Chemical technology.
TS   Manufacturing.
  155 - 194 Production management. Operations management.
VM   Naval architecture. Shipbuilding. Marine engineering.